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STARe Excellence Software

STARe Excellence Software

Thermische analyse-software met een unieke flexibiliteit en onbeperkte evaluatiemogelijkheden


STARe Excellence Software

Softwareflexibiliteit en -functionaliteit zijn van essentieel belang voor een modern thermisch analyse-systeem en voor optimalisatie van de prod...

Softwareflexibiliteit en -functionaliteit zijn van essentieel belang voor een modern thermisch analyse-systeem en voor optimalisatie van de productiviteit.

  • Onbeperkte evaluatiemogelijkheden – enorme flexibiliteit
  • Betrouwbare automatisering – een hoge monsterdoorvoer met resultaatbeoordeling zorgt voor een veel betere efficiëntie
  • Geïntegreerde database – garandeert de hoogste mate van databeveiliging


Producten en specs

Producten en specs
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STARe Software Option DMA Evaluation
In general, the mechanical properties of materials depend on frequency. A good understanding of the influence of frequency on a material is therefore...
STARe Software Option IsoStep
This new software option allows thermal effects that occur simultaneously to be separated from one another. A typical IsoStep™ temperature program con...
STARe Software Option Advanced Model Free Kinetics
Advanced Model Free Kinetics (Advanced MFK) is a powerful software program that helps you to optimize a process or investigate a reaction. It also all...
STARe Software Option Mathematic
This evaluation option offers you a number of useful routines that can be applied to all curves. Besides the purely mathematical functions such as int...
STARe Software Option Kinetics nth order
The kinetic models included with this option are suitable for the analysis and simulation of chemical reactions. On the basis of one or more measureme...
STARe Software Option Conditional Experiment Termination
This software option is the right tool for all cases where the experimental time has to be kept as short as possible. It enables you to terminate a me...
STARe Software Option Specific Heat Evaluation
The specific heat capacity cp is a characteristic material property of a substance. It describes the amount of heat required to increase t...
STARe Software Option LIMS Interface
The LIMS Interface software option makes it possible to access the STARe software database and to control some features of the STARe System. This is d...
STARe Software Option ADSC
This option gives you three evaluations (ADSC, Fourier analysis and steady state ADSC) with which you can analyse periodic signals. Periodic curves ar...
STARe Software Option Model Free Kinetics
This kinetics software is an extremely powerful tool to help you optimize a process and interpretthe reaction sequences. Predictions of the behav...
STARe Software Option MaxRes
When selecting parameters for a TGA or TMA experiment, the user often has to choose between two conflicting goals (shortest possible experimental time...
STARe Software Option DSC Evaluation
This software option provides you with a number of DSC-specific evaluation tools for both quality control and research and development purposes. The e...
STARe Software Option TOPEM®
TMDSC methods allow both temperature-dependent and time-dependent processes to be separated. The basic idea of TOPEM® is to overlay the isothermal or...
STARe Software Option Multiple Reference Libraries
The reference library option allows you to organize and store any type of sample information – be it your own past measurements or information acquir...
STARe Software Option Quality Control
The Quality Control software option allows the user to easily control and track the quality of their product. It starts with the measurement; this ca...
STARe Excellence Software Brochure
Thermal analysis is a well-established analytical method that is widely used in many different fields. It provides laboratories with valuable results...
STARe Software Option 21 CFR 11 Compliance
The U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued regulations that provide criteria for acceptance by the FDA, under certain circumstance...


Thermal Analysis UserCom 39
Curve-interpretatie, deel 2: Variatie van de verwarmings- en koelsnelheden
Thermal Analysis UserCom 8
Tips on Model Free Kinetics. Crucibles for high temperature TGA. Crucible lid with 50μm hole. Polymorphism using DSC. Swelling measurements of thi...

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STARe Excellence Software Brochure
Thermal analysis is a well-established analytical method that is widely used in many different fields. It provides laboratories with valuable results...
The Future of Thermal Analysis Brochure
Thermal Analysis comprises a group of techniques that measure the physical or chemical properties of a sample as a function of temperature or time whi...


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