ReactIR For In Situ Reaction Analysis

ReactIR In Situ Reaction Analysis

Understand Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms, and Pathway to Optimize Reaction Variables

FTIR Spectroscopy Sampling Technology

Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy
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Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy
ReactIR 702L

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FTIR Spectroscopy for Chemical Reaction Monitoring


ReactIR 702L
ReactIR enables scientists to study reaction progression over time, providing specific information about initiation, endpoint, conversion, kinetics, m...
ReactIR Sampling Technology
ReactIR in situ sampling technology assures usability in a wide range of batch and continuous reaction conditions.
ReactIR 45P In Situ Process FTIR
Successfully move processes from lab to pilot plant and production with in situ process FTIR spectroscopy. Gain in-depth reaction understanding, ident...
ReactIR Instrument Performance Assurance (IPA) Module
Validate ReactIR wavenumber accuracy and calibrate to a Polystyrene standard certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) fo...

ReactIR Citations

ReactIR Citation List
Continuous measurements from infrared spectroscopy are widely used for obtaining reaction profiles, which are used to calculate reaction rates. This...


ReactIR Brochure
Understand reaction chemistry with ReactIR In Situ FTIR spectroscopy


Chemical Synthesis
Chemical synthesis occurs when two or more molecules are combined to form a product molecule that possesses specific properties. There are numerous ex...
Procesontwikkeling en opschaling
Ontwikkel degelijke en duurzame chemische processen om de overdracht naar de pilot plant en productie te bespoedigen
Process Analytical Technology (PAT)/Quality by Design (QbD)
Houd cruciale procesparameters en cruciale kwaliteitskenmerken bij om Quality by Design (QbD) mogelijk te maken in de biofarmaceutische industrie
Measuring Polymerization Reactions
Measuring and understanding polymerization reactions, mechanisms, kinetics, reactivity ratios, and activation energies lead researchers to employ in s...
Fermentatie en Bioprocessen
Karakteriseer en optimaliseer fermentatie en bioprocessen in real-time om de productie te maximaliseren
Continuous Flow Chemistry
Continuous flow chemistry opens options with exothermic synthetic steps that are not possible in batch reactors, and new developments in flow reactor...
Anti-Solvent Addition on Supersaturation
In an antisolvent crystallization, the solvent addition rate, addition location and mixing impact local supersaturation in a vessel or pipeline. Scien...
Temperature Effects Crystallization Size and Shape
Crystallization kinetics are characterized in terms of two dominant processes, nucleation kinetics and growth kinetics, occurring during crystallizati...
Chemical Reaction Kinetics Studies
Chemical reaction kinetics, also known as reaction kinetics, reflect rates of chemical reactions and provide a better understanding of their dependenc...
Kristallisatie en neerslag
Een van de grootste uitdagingen voor procesontwikkeling is de optimalisatie en opschaling van de kristallisatie en neerslag om een product te producer...
Catalytic Reactions
Catalysts create an alternative path to increase the speed and outcome of a reaction, so a thorough understanding of the reaction kinetics is importan...
Raman-spectroscopie is ideaal voor onderzoek naar kristallisatie- en polymorfieprocessen. Lees meer over de theorie van Raman-spectroscopie, hoe Raman...
FTIR Spectroscopy
Understand the structure of individual molecules and composition of molecular mixtures with FTIR Spectroscopy Equipment.
Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Oligonucleotide synthesis is the chemical process by which nucleotides are specifically linked to form a desired sequenced product. The repetitive cyc...

Bijbehorende producten en oplossingen

chemical synthesis reactors
Chemical synthesis reactors increase productivity in the lab
EasySampler was designed to eliminate these challenges by providing an automated and robust inline method of taking representative samples from reacti...
Particle Size Analyzers
Understand, Optimize & Control Particle & Droplets With Real-Time In Situ Particle Size Analyzers
Reaction Calorimeters RC1
Reaction Calorimetry For Screening, Process Development, and Process Safety Studies


iC IR Software
Spectroscopic data increases chemical understanding and knowledge of the chemical process, including reaction initiation, endpoint, mechanism, pathway...
iC Kinetics Software
Optimize chemical reactions with a fast graphical way to describe the characteristics of a chemical reaction and create a kinetic model. This model c...
iC Process Software
Monitor critical control parameters determined in the laboratory to production environment. Supports industry standard communication protocols for in...
iC Data Center for OM/EM-1 Year
Capture, Prepare, Share Experimental Data


Monitoring of Reaction Mechanisms
Data is collected in the mid-infrared spectral region, which provide a characteristic fingerprint absorbance that is associated with fundamental vibr...


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