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MO1200 Overhead / Monorail Scale

The ideal solution for fast and precise weighing of animal carcasses

The overhead rail scales of the MO-line can be integrated easily in tubular track installations with automatic conveyor system and serve for precise and rapid weighing of carcasses. The hot galvanized overhead rail scale is made for a maximum capacity of 600 kg / 1200 kg with a resolution of 3x3000e multi interval. The hybrid construction - strain gauge measuring cell and lever system - guarantees precise weighing results. The weighing rails can have lengths of 200 mm at least, the maximum length is 1000 mm.
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Specificaties - MO1200 Overhead / Monorail Scale
{searchattributeslabels/searchCapacityMetricLabel} 300 / 600 {unitsofmeasurementlabels/kg} / 1200 {unitsofmeasurementlabels/kg}
{searchattributeslabels/searchReadabilityMetricLabel} 10 {unitsofmeasurementlabels/g}
{searchattributeslabels/searchReadabilityApprovedMetricLabel} 100 {unitsofmeasurementlabels/g} / 200 {unitsofmeasurementlabels/g} / 500 {unitsofmeasurementlabels/g}
Gekalibreerde afleesnauwkeurigheid MI / MR
Afmeting 800 mm
Accessoires plaque d'adaption
Beschermingsklasse IP 67
Materiaal galvanisée
Geschikte indicatoren ID1Plus, ID3s, ID7,...
Materiaalnummer(s) 22011095
Handelsnaam MO,MO600,MO1200


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MO1200 Overhead / Monorail Scale