Press Release: Ensuring Quality through Spectral Analysis

Growing Demand for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Nänikon, November 2023 - Liquid electrolytes play a key role in the performance and lifetime of batteries. METTLER TOLEDO's compact UV/Vis spectrophotometers allow users to evaluate the suitability of electrolyte solutions quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Built-in reference scales provide ready-to-use results, and a color guide and webinar make it easy to get started.

The electrolyte fluid in lithium-ion batteries enables the efficient intercalation of Lithium ions between the electrodes. The quality of the electrolyte is, therefore, essential - impurities can affect the function and safety of the energy storage system.

The compact EasyPlus UV/Vis spectrophotometer from METTLER TOLEDO is a simple and cost-effective method for analyzing electrolyte solutions. The instrument measures electrolyte impurities in seconds without time-consuming sample preparation.

Built-in reference color scales in the EasyPlus spectrophotometer compare the electrolyte's measured color value with stored color reference scales to detect deviations. Or it measures the amount of UV and visible light absorbed or transmitted by the irradiated electrolyte solution, indicating the sample's purity. Either method quickly provides clarity for the customer.

Predict battery lifetime

Users can also use UV/Vis spectrophotometry to analyze battery degradation, or the natural loss of battery performance. The starting point for degradation analysis is to establish a calibration curve for the components of a new battery - for example, by measuring the color or absorption spectrum of the electrolyte. The absorption spectrum, which changes over time as energy is degraded, can then be compared to the reference spectrum. The change value determined in this way, together with the knowledge gained from the degradation mechanisms analyzed, enables manufacturers to make predictions about the life and performance of the battery.

Instruments in different versions

The powerful spectrophotometers eliminate the need for separate colorimeters. In addition to the compact "EasyPlus" version, METTLER TOLEDO also offers an "Excellence" UV/Vis version, which saves time, space and money and also offers multiple advantages in spectrophotometry, color measurement, and water analysis. The Excellence Line spectrophotometers offer efficient accessories and can be expanded with intelligent automation tools such as a cell changer. In addition, the spectrophotometer can be integrated into a multi-parameter system to analyze not only the color and absorption spectrum but also the density and refractive index of the electrolyte, for example.

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