STARe Excellence Software Brochure - メトラー・トレド

STARe Excellence Software Brochure


The Standard in Thermal Analysis

STARe Excellence Software Brochure
STARe Excellence Software Brochure

Thermal analysis is a well-established analytical method that is widely used in many different fields. It provides laboratories with valuable results and new information in quality assurance and control, process and product development, and research. Many problems can be solved by using a combination of different thermal analysis techniques.

Features and benefits of the STARe Excellence METTLER TOLEDO software:

  • Unlimited evaluation possibilities – provides enormous flexibility
  • Reliable automation – high sample throughput with automatic evaluation dramatically improves efficiency
  • Unique integrated database solution – guarantees the highest level of data security
  • Solid compliance – supports 21 CFR Part 11 user level management and electronic signatures
  • Modular concept – tailor-made solutions for current and future needs
  • Easy and intuitive OneClick™ operation – saves time in training and in daily use
  • Time-saving FlexCal™ calibration – for more accurate measurement results
  • State-of-the-art LIMS integration – guarantees seamless processes from external tasks to measurement evaluation and result assessment

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