TGA - Analisi termogravimetrica

TGA - Analisi termogravimetrica

Analisi di composizione, determinazione dei residui e stabilità termica mediante l'analisi termogravimetrica - TGA


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Brochure: TGA 2
Thermogravimetry (TGA) is a technique that measures the change in weight of a sample as it is heated, cooled or held at constant temperature. Its main...
Brochure: STARe Excellence Software
Thermal analysis is a well-established analytical method that is widely used in many different fields. It provides laboratories with valuable results...
The Future of Thermal Analysis Brochure
Thermal Analysis comprises a group of techniques that measure the physical or chemical properties of a sample as a function of temperature or time whi...
Brochure: TGA-IST16-GC/MS System
Thermogravimetric analysis combined with gas chromatography and mass spectrometry (TGA-GC/MS) is nowadays the method of choice for qualitative and qua...

Schede tecniche

Datasheet: TGA-Sorption System
The TGA-Sorption System allows you to precondition samples at temperatures up to 150 °C and to increase or decrease the relative humidity continuously...
Datasheet: TGA-EGA
TGA-MS, TGA-FTIR, TGA-GC/MS and TGA-Micro GC/MS are powerful techniques that yield both quantitative (mass analysis, absorbance) and qualitative (iden...
Datasheet: STARe Software Option Mathematics
This software option offers a number of useful calculations that can be applied to curves for advanced evaluation possibilities, adding even more flex...
Datasheet: Conditional Experiment Termination
This software option reduces unnecessary measurement time and improves safety when measuring unknown samples. It enables the instrument to terminate a...
Datasheet: nth Order Kinetics
Kinetic models are suitable for the analysis and simulation of chemical reactions. The software option calculates kinetic parameters based on one or m...
Datasheet: Model Free Kinetics
Model Free Kinetics (MFK) allows you to predict reaction behavior under different conditions, where measurements are difficult to perform or where the...
Advanced Model Free Kinetics Datasheet
STARe software’s Advanced Model Free Kinetics (Advanced MFK) program helps in the investigation and optimization of a process. It allows the predictio...


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Secondo la International Confederation for Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry (ICTAC) con il termine "analisi termica" si fa riferimento a un insieme di tecniche che consentono di misurare le proprietà fisiche delle sostanze in funzione della temperatura, sottoponendo le sostanze stesse a un programma di temperatura controllata.

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