Live Webinar: Thermal Analysis of Inorganic Materials

Discover Key Techniques for Characterizing This Diverse Group of Materials

Panoramica del programma

  • Introduction to inorganic chemistry
  • Relevant thermal analysis techniques
  • DSC examples: glass transitions, phase diagrams, and decomposition
  • Thermo-optical analysis (TOA) examples: polymorphic transitions
  • TGA and TGA/DSC examples: decomposition, melting, and evolved gas analysis
  • TMA examples: expansion, solid-solid transitions, and temperature stability
  • DMA examples: elasticity

Inorganic materials, such as metals, ceramics, salts, and minerals, are encountered almost everywhere in our daily life and are used for a multitude of purposes. In particular, many inorganic materials are known for their exceptional heat resistance, making them invaluable in high-temperature applications.

Important Types of Analysis for Inorganic Materials

Inorganic materials often exhibit complex thermal behaviors that can be challenging to study. Luckily, thermal analysis provides us with powerful investigative tools. By utilizing techniques such as DSC, thermo-optical analysis, TGA, TMA, and DMA, we can measure behaviors including melting point, phase transitions, and thermal stability. Evolved gas analysis combined with TGA can also provide important information about the products of decomposition.

Join our live webinar and discover how thermal analysis helps to shape our understanding of these fascinating materials. The presentation will conclude with a Q&A, so don’t miss the chance to ask our experts your questions!


Image of Teresa Dennenwaldt

Dr. Teresa Dennenwaldt

Dr. Teresa Dennenwaldt obtained her PhD in chemistry in 2013 and completed a postdoc at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland in the field of electron microscopy and spectroscopy. In 2018, she joined METTLER TOLEDO as an application specialist for Thermal Analysis. In her current position, she expertly uses, teaches, and supports DSC, TGA, TMA, and DMA instruments at the METTLER TOLEDO head office in Switzerland.