Increased Efficiency with the IND890 Weighing PC - METTLER TOLEDO

Increased Efficiency with the IND890 Weighing PC

The answer's easy: "touch it"! With the standard touchscreen, the operation of the IND890 terminal is simple and reliable even in the harshest of environments. The application terminal also sets new standards in highly complex weighing processes. It provides the perfect connection between PC and balance with powerful and reliable industrial quality - the elegant industrial weighing solution for all sectors.
A happy combination: the "personal weighing computer"
  • Ergonomic weighing
  • Increased efficiency
  • Greatest possible flexibility
  • Intuitive operation

Ergonomic Weighing

The IND890 is designed to be ergonomic and extremely user-friendly. It offers the following advantages:
Uncomplicated, fast operation:
  • Touchscreen
  • Self-explanatory and visually appealing icons
  • Optimized, simple operator guidance
  • Only relevant information is displayed
Flexible use:
  • User-dependent, intuitive software structure
  • Customer-specific adaptations through free programmability
  • Freely configurable softkeys
  • Country and language-specific screen layouts
Perfect readability:
  • Especially large display option for weight values
  • Simultaneous display of 4 balances plus sum scale possible
  • Different status messages can be viewed concurrently

100 % Hygiene in Harsh Conditions
The IND890 stainless steel terminal with its design which is free of dirty edges was developed for use in even the harshest of industrial environments. With the all-round IP66 and IP69k protection, it can be cleaned conveniently and in a time-saving manner using a high-pressure cleaner.
Flexible and Ergonomic – Quick and Easy!
The IND890 -15 (or also the large version of the IND890) consists of a slimline flat screen and a separate ELO box1 .  Both components are connected with a single cable. This ensures extremely flexible and ergonomic workplace layout. Furthermore, the convenient IND890-10 compact version offers an all-in-one solution: small, compact and supplies real-time data thanks to Windows CE.
Innovative – Simple – Intuitive: Modern Weight Data Recording
The IND890 weighing software has been specially developed for use on a touchscreen. With its icons, it offers a completely new type of weight data recording, not previously available in weighing terminals.

1 ELO box: The electronics box, or ELO box for short, contains the entire PC hardware including interfaces.