MS Semi-Micro Balance MS105/A

Analytical Balance MS105/A

For Higher Accuracy Needs.Semi-micro balance for weighing smallest samples: 120 g capacity, 0.01 mg readability, high resolution weighing cell, FACT, ergonomic doors, pipette-check application

Precise Results

For consistently accurate results, FACT automatic temperature controlled adjustment uses 2 internal weights to test for sensitivity and non-linearity.

Efficient Handling

Work faster and more ergonomically by opening the draft shield ErgoDoor with one hand whilst simultaneously placing your sample with the other.

Space Saving

The draft shield doors do not project beyond the balance and the interface ports are mounted sideways to make best use of your valuable workspace.

المواصفات - Analytical Balance MS105/A
Maximum Capacity
120 g
0.01 mg
Repeatability (Test Weight)
0.04 mg (100 g)
Minimum Weight (USP, 0.1%, typical)
30 mg
Internal / FACT
Weighing Pan Diameter
80 mm
High contrast display (HCD)
Legal for Trade
Settling Time
1.5 s
Repeatability (typical)
0.015 mg
RS232 and USB
Dimensions (DxHxW)
358 mm x 331 mm x 247 mm
Evaporation Trap
Guaranteed Repeatability
0.04 mg
Die-cast aluminum, plastic PA-12
Linearity ±
0.1 mg
Linearity, typically
0.03 mg
AC Power supply
Temperature accuracy (±)
0.0002 ppm/°C
0.01 mg
Readability (Certified)
1 mg
Hygenic Design
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Robust construction ensures durability

The metal housing protects the weighing sensor to guarantee consistency and precision year after year, even with intensive use in harsh conditions.

Quick to convert for pipette checking

Convert your balance into a pipette-checking station by installing an evaporation trap. The built-in application guides you through the process.

Easy to clean

Remove, clean and reinsert all of the QuickLock draft shield glass panels in just a few simple steps without tools and without moving the balance.


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Analytical Balance MS105/A
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