Technical Buffer pH 9.21 250ml

Reliable Buffer Solution.Certified and traceable pH buffer solution for sensor calibration and verification in life science and industrial applications. This single bottle contains 250 mL of pH 9.21 buffer solution.

Highly Accurate and Reliable pH Buffer

The optimal solution for all process pH analytical systems thanks to high accuracy, long-term stability and ease of use.

Buffer Solution for High Requirements

Each batch of buffer is meticulously controlled to fulfill the highest quality and reliability requirements.

Reliable and Trustworthy Results

When using our accurate pH standards for calibration, you ensure that your pH measurement system produces reliable and trustworthy results.

Material No.: 51300193

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Specifications - Technical Buffer pH 9.21 250ml
pH Value
250 mL
Bottles Per Pack
Shelf Life (Months)
Color Code
pH accuracy (±)

Quality Solutions for Accurate Results

Measurement results depend on accurate calibrations, and accurate calibrations come from high-quality solutions. Each pH buffer solution has a quality control certificate that is available online.

High Quality and Certified Buffers

pH measurements are only as accurate as the pH buffer solutions used for calibration. Our pH buffers are manufactured using DaKKS-accredited reference solutions and the quality control certificate ensures compliance and traceability.




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Technical Buffer pH 9.21 250ml
USP Class VI