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A pH analyzer consist of a sensor, transmitter and process adaption, combined to best suit your pH control needs. In-line pH analyzers from METTLER TOLEDO provide accurate process pH measurements in a wide range of environments, from ultrapure water to hygienic measurement in a bioreactor to dirty chemical production. pH analyzers and ORP analyzers that use digital Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology help reduce maintenance through integrated predictive diagnostics.

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What is a pH analyzer?

A pH analyzer is a system used for in-line pH measurements, typically in an industrial process. A pH analyzer generally consists of three components: a pH sensor, a transmitter, and a process adaption or housing unit. Together, these three parts make up a process pH analyzer used for control of pH in an industrial environment. METTLER TOLEDO provides a wide range of different pH sensors to meet your in-line pH measurement needs. Additionally, many pH sensors also offer a redox measurement so that integrating a pH analyzer also lets you install an ORP analyzer.

What is pH?

pH (potential of hydrogen) is a figure used to express the acidity or alkalinity of a water based solution on a logarithmic scale. On this scale, 7 is neutral with lower values being more acidic and higher values being more alkaline. In process applications, pH is generally measured with an in-line pH analyzer most commonly integrated using a glass combination electrode for industrial pH measurements. Additionally, an in-line pH analyzer generally requires a process adaption, cable and transmitter to complete the pH analyzer.

What should I look for in a pH analyzer for pure water applications?

pH measurement in pure water requires a pH analyzer that ensures a consistent, stable measurement. Sensors like METTLER TOLEDO's pHurepH sensor feature a special low-resistance pH glass membrane, shielded flow chamber and a continuous outflow of electrolyte. Features like these and others allow for the stable and accurate measurement of pH and ORP that is required in pure water applications at power plants and microelectronics facilities.

What should I look for in a pH analyzer for industrial process applications?

pH measurement in industrial applications requires a pH analyzer that meets your specific application needs at the installation point. This can range from requiring a pH analyzer where the sensor is durable and has the ability to perform at high pressures and temperatures in harsh manufacturing environments, to a pH analyzer with a pH sensor that can be steam sterilized or cleaned in an autoclave in pharmaceutical applications. 

METTLER TOLEDO produces a wide range of sensors for in-line pH meters and pH analyzers, including the refillable InPro 2000, the InPro 3250pH sensor family and a range of very robust titanium shaft pH sensors.

What is a pH analyzer with Intelligent Sensor Management?

A pH analyzer with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology is an analyzer that is compatible with METTLER TOLEDO ISM pH and ORP sensors. This technology enables several benefits for your pH analyzer, including: 

A strong digital signal from the pH sensor to the pH transmitter, preventing interference with the measurement.

Predictive diagnostics displayed on the screen of your pH transmitter or accessible on your higher level control system if your pH analyzer is integrated via a PLC. These diagnostics help plan sensor maintenance, calibration and cleaning.

Plug and Measure technology, which allows you to calibrate your pH sensor in a safe environment away from the process and then quickly install the sensor into your pH analyzer without on-site calibration.