Semi Micro Balances

Precise and Straightforward Weighing of up to 6 Decimals

A semi-microbalance is a type of laboratory analytical balance designed to measure small sample sizes with great precision and enhanced performance. Semi micro balances have a higher sensitivity than regular analytical balances which allows for measurements in the milligram range. METTLER TOLEDO semi micro balances are available with readabilities down to 0.001 mg and capacities up to 220 g. Semi micro balances are typically used in scientific research and quality control where measurements of small samples are required.

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What is a semi micro balance?

A semi micro balance is an analytical balance with a typical weighing capacity between 50 g and 220 g and a readability of 5 or more decimal places (typically corresponding to 0.01 mg to 0.001 mg). Semi micro balances from METTLER TOLEDO ensure consistently accurate results by using two internal calibration weights, which automatically adjust the balance. Additionally, our semi microbalances are easily operated by touchscreens and constructed with ergonomic draft shields to minimize external influences.

What are the uses of a semi micro balance in a lab?

A semi micro balance is typically used in a laboratory or scientific setting where precise measurements of small samples matter and are required for research, quality control, and compliance. Typical uses of semi micro balances include sample and standard preparation, formulation, and filter weighing.

How does a semi micro balance function?

The weighing principle of METTLER TOLEDO semi micro balances is based on electromagnetic force compensation. The weighing cell inside the balance housing creates a counteracting electromagnetic force to the object that has been placed on the weighing pan. The semi micro balance interprets the magnitude of this compensating electromagnetic force as the weight of the object. The result is displayed on the balance terminal in the appropriate unit.

The weighing pan of a semi micro balance is placed inside a draft shield, which protects the sample and container from external environmental influences like air drafts, improving general weighing performance. This is particularly important when the accuracy of results is of the utmost importance.