AB-S/FACT / AB-S Analytical Balances - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO
AB-S/FACT / AB-S Analytical Balances

AB-S/FACT / AB-S Analytical Balances

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AB-S/FACT / AB-S Analytical Balances

Accurate, easy-to-use and reliable to provide good weighing for many years – that sums up the Classic Balances from METTLER TOLEDO in a single sentence. The full metal housing make these balances your reliable partner for everyday use.



Key features and benefits
For Classic Precision Balances


Features and Benefits
Accuracy: Fully automatic internal adjustment (FACT).
Brilliant backlit display: Correct reading of results under any light condition.
Robust quality: Full metal housing.
MonoBloc weighing technology: Including permanent shock and overload protection.
Easy operation: Large, ergonomic touch-sensitive keys.
Standard Features:All models
Protective in-use cover
RS232 interface
Hook for weighing below the balance

are available as certified version
can be adjusted in a frequently used weighing range with external weights
have piece counting, percent weighing and dynamic weighing as standard built-in application programs
are able to show weighing results in different units: g, mg, lb, oz, ozt, GN, dwt, mo, m, tl
have a calculation with a custom 'free factor'

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