Reaction Calorimeters - Reaction & Heat Flow Calorimetry

Reaction Calorimeters

Reaction Calorimetry For Screening, Process Development and Process Safety Studies

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Reaction Calorimeters

Reaction Calorimeters for Screening, Process Development and Safety Studies
What is the Value of Reaction Calorimetry?
Reaction Calorimetry Data in Real-Time

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Calorimetry Type
Material No.: 304057991
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Calorimetry TypeHeat Flow
Precision Heat TransferTypically <± 1.5 %
Accuracy and Precision Specific HeatTypically <± 5 to 8%
Accuracy Heat FlowIsothermal conditions: ± 1 % to 2 %; Non-isothermal conditions: ± 3 % to 8 %; Based on comparison of qr_hf with qc resp. ∫qr_hf with ∫ qc
Material No.: 300842101
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Dimensions (WxDxH)43 cm x 36 cm x 28 cm
Material No.: 30090574
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Calorimetry TypeHeat Flow
Dimensions (WxDxH)33 cm x 36 cm x 28 cm
Precision Heat TransferTypically +/- 4%
Accuracy and Precision Specific HeatTypically +/-12%
Accuracy Heat FlowBased on comparison of qr_hf with qc resp. ∫qr_hf with ∫ qc; Isothermal conditions: ± 3 % to 5 %; Non-isothermal conditions: ± 5 % to 10%
Material No.: 30064130
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Calorimetry TypeHeat Flow
Dimensions (DxH)43 cm x 78 cm
Precision Heat TransferTypically +/- 3%
Accuracy and Precision Specific HeatTypically +/-10%
Accuracy Heat FlowIsothermal conditions: ± 3 % to 5 %; Based on comparison of qr_hf with qc resp. ∫qr_hf with ∫ qc; Non-isothermal conditions: ± 5 % to 10%


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Documentation for Reaction Calorimeters


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