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Material No.: 30452312
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Printer TypeDirect Thermal
HousingStainless Steel
Material No.: 30468399
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HousingABS Plastic Enclosure
Material No.: 30468400
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HousingABS Plastic Enclosure



100% In-Process Control at High Throughput Rates
When completeness matters or material is added or subtracted, weighing offers a simple quality control method to test narrow tolerances in-process or...



Weighing Scale with Label Printer

What are the benefits of using a label printer with a scale?
A weighing scale with label printer has many benefits, including efficie...

What are the benefits of using a label printer with a scale?
A weighing scale with label printer has many benefits, including efficiency, and traceability. When you add a printer to a scale for applications that require documentation, you are removing the possibility for human error. Whenever an operator must write down weighment information, there is a possibility they will write it wrong – leading to bad batches or incorrect inventory control down the line. For ensured accuracy in tracking, a printer is a good solution.

Where can I buy a weighing scale with label printer?
Seek a scale solution provider with a trusted reputation for ensured accuracy and reliability. METTLER TOLEDO offers a variety of weighing scale with label printer solutions for easy weighing and tracing depending on your application and requirements.

What else can I pair with a scale?
Many solutions can also benefit from a scanner being added to the process. As solutions become more and more automated with barcode and RFID scanning codes built into the process, having a connected scanning solution at the scale can further enhance the process. A scanner ensures that the exact information is captured every time, further eliminating room for human error.

Which printer can support 110*60mm label printing with 10 lines?
METTLER TOLEDO's APR331 printer, APR510/APR710 printer in the US, and PQ50 printer in Asia Pacific can support 110*60mm(length*width) label printing with 10 lines of information. Contact your local Metter Toledo representative for more details.

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