Good Pipetting Techniques

Pipetting – or measuring and transferring – small volumes of liquid in the microliter and milliliter range is probably the most frequently practiced activity in scientific laboratories, and to be able to carry out this task quickly and precisely is an absolute prerequisite for successful laboratory work.

This on-demand webinar will give you insights into the world of pipetting. It will tell everything about good pipetting techniques and show you how to avoid common mistakes in order to increase the accuracy of your results.

Use this webinar as refresher on pipetting basics. It will help you to reduce common pipetting errors and improve reproducibility up to 5%.

This webinar gives an overview and advice on the following topics:

  • Basic techniques for minimizing errors
  • Pipette specifications
  • The pipetting cycle
  • Aspiration rate effects & dispensing techniques
  • Air displacement vs. positive displacement pipettes
  • Pipetting guidelines for aqueous and non-aqueous solutions
  • Reverse pipetting