Hydrogenation and High Pressure Reaction Monitoring

Hydrogenations Under High Pressure

This presentation discusses the implementation of Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) reaction monitoring technology to provide knowledge and understanding about key reaction parameters that enabled successful hydrogenation.

Typically,  hydrogenations encounter challenges with reaction kinetics, selectivity, reactivity and endpoint variability from batch to batch and scale-up. Real time in situ monitoring of these parameters allows for a better understanding of the process and therefore control – which is difficult to achieve with traditional offline techniques.

Four case studies from the pharmaceutical and high value chemical industries are presented:

  • Nitrobenzyl Reduction
  • Rosenmund Reduction
  • Pyrazine Reduction
  • Reductive Amination


Jennifer Andrews is a Ph.D. Chemist dedicated to the use of in situ FTIR for the development and safe scale-up of (bio)chemical processes. As a result, (bio)pharma and chemical companies bring products to market faster, at lower costs and with higher quality. Jennifer is currently a Senior Technology and Applications Consultant at METTLER TOLEDO.