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SmartCheck Takes Less than 60 Seconds

A pipette verification device saves time and money by verifying the performance of a pipette before working with precious samples or reagents. SmartCheck™ is the only benchtop pipette volume verification device capable of determining if a pipette is dispensing accurately in less than 60 seconds. Compact by design, SmartCheck reduces the risk of experimental failure.

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smartcheck data sheet
Download the SmartCheck™ data sheet to learn more about a fast, practical way to verify that a pipette is dispensing accurately between calibrations.
SmartCheck User Guide
SmartCheckTM is a pipette check instrument. It may be used for single channel or multichannel pipettes. The intended use is to check if a pipette`s...
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What is pipette verification?

Pipette verification allows the user to determine if the pipette is dispensing accurately before starting an experiment. Regular pipette calibration and preventative maintenance can significantly reduce the costs, risks, and liabilities associated with out-of-calibration pipettes. However, in-between calibration intervals failures and out-of-tolerance issues can arise. Several factors can compromise the integrity of your pipettes – causing them to deliver incorrect volumes and irreproducible results.

What is SmartCheck?

SmartCheck is a new verification technology from Rainin that allows life science researchers to verify the performance of their pipettes right at the bench. It takes just 60 seconds to know whether a pipette is accurate or not. Quickly and easily verify the accuracy of your pipetting prior to critical experiments.

What does SmartCheck do?

SmartCheck provides a fast, practical way to verify that a pipette is dispensing accurately and reduce the risk of experimental failure. It may be used to verify single channel or individual channels of a multichannel pipette. 

How often should you verify your pipette with SmartCheck?

  • Every day before the start of a key experiment
  • When pipetting precious samples or reagents on a regular basis
  • When experimental workflows are complex and time-consuming
  • When you have inexperienced users and/or it is unclear if the pipette or user is causing inconsistent results
  • After your pipettes have been used by another researcher
  • When you would like to use a pipette that has not been used or calibrated in a while

Does SmartCheck replace pipette calibration or maintenance?

SmartCheck does not replace regular pipette calibration and maintenance. Rainin recommends verifying every pipette at least once a month. Regular verification helps ensure consistent, accurate pipetting in between scheduled pipette calibrations or maintenance.

What is the difference between verifying your pipette with SmartCheck vs. using an analytical balance?

Both devices use the gravimetric principle and have a weighing cell, but the comparison ends there. SmartCheck uses an advanced load cell technology that is designed to be fast, simple and very robust. SmartCheck automatically performs ISO 8655-based calculations and delivers a clear pass/fail result. Balances only deliver absolute values that need to be converted, calculated and require a high level of skill and technique.

Which pipette brands can be verified with SmartCheck?

SmartCheck verifies all brands of pipettes.