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    High-throughput Pipetting

    BenchSmart™96 Speeds Your Workflow


    Higher Efficiency in the Lab

    Fast, accurate and efficient, Liquidator™ 96 is designed to speed high-throughput application workflows, without complicated programming or dedicated technician time.


    1. What are pipetting stations?

    Pipetting stations are benchtop liquid handling systems that allow a user to pipette into 96- and 384-well plates with far fewer steps and greater accuracy than when using single, 8- and 12 multichannel pipettes. Pipetting stations range from manual and semi-automated to fully automated. In general, manual and semi-automated stations are more appropriate for research labs, while fully-automated systems are more common in production environments. As a general rule, labs that prepare more than five plates a day will benefit from a pipetting station. 

    Experience the precision of automation paired with the speed and flexibility of a manual system.
    Three volume ranges
    Three interchangeable heads for versatility: 0.5-20 µL, 5-200 µL and 100-1000 µL.
    Touch-screen control
    The touchscreen and clear graphic menus are so intuitive, BenchSmart 96 requires little – if any – training.
    Automated features
    Preset modes include Basic, Advanced, Multi-dispense, Dilute, Reverse Volume Sequencing, Mixing and AutoPace.
    Manual control
    User has absolute control over the speed of movement, position of tips over a plate and order of plate filling.
    Four trays
    Simplifies and speeds workflows by reducing, if not eliminating, the need to swap out tips and reservoirs.
    Small footprint
    BenchSmart takes up very little bench space.
    BenchSmart 96 Semi-automated Pipetting System
    Put the speed and simplicity of Liquidator 96 to work on your 96- and 384-well applications.
    Two volume ranges
    0.5-20 µL and 5-200 µL models offer high accuracy and precision.
    Fills 96 wells at once
    Fast, virtually eliminates the risk of skipping or repeating wells.
    Highly reproducible
    High channel-to-channel consistency yields high quality analytical data.
    No programming, training or even electricity required!
    Accelerate experiments like ELISA and qPCR without sacrificing data quality.
    Reliable and affordable
    Built to exceptionally high quality and performance standards.
    Liquidator 96™ Manual Pipetting System
    Available SBS-format reservoirs, accessories and adjustment posts to speed throughput.
    High Throughput Pipetting Accessories
    Rainin BioClean LTS tips for great accuracy, precision and speedy throughput
    Stacked and racked tips
    Available in 20uL, 200uL and 1000uL volumes
    LiteTouch System LTS
    Great channel to channel consistency and precision
    Many options
    From normal tip to filtered and pre-sterile tip formats
    High-throughput LTS tips
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