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Balance XSR1203S - Discontinued Product

Smart Features Simplify Daily Tasks.Accurate, reliable results and smart design features. 1210 g capacity; 1 mg readability; integrated methods; results notepad; SmartPan weighing pan; 4 x USB; 1 x LAN; easy cleaning; LabX compatible

High-Performance Weighing

The high performance weighing cell and SmartPan weighing pan provide high stability and outstanding repeatability, even when working in fume hoods.

Efficient Touchscreen Operation

The touchscreen interface, easy-access menus, results notepad, and saved weighing methods make balance operation instinctive and efficient.

Patented SmartPan Weighing Pan

SmartPan provides exceptional stability, ensuring faster and more accurate results. You can even weigh at 1 mg readability without a draft shield.

Material No.: 30316567

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Discontinued since: Feb, 2024

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Replaced with: Precision Balance MX1203

Smart Features for Advanced Requirements

Smart Features for Advanced Requirements.Meeting high demands for accuracy, compliance, and usability. 1220 g capacity; 1 mg readability; SmartPan; user management; advanced reporting; network integration; advanced routine testing; power-saving mode

Fast and Accurate Weighing Results

With the SmartPan's unique design, the balance stabilizes quickly, even in turbulent environments, enabling faster and more efficient weighing.

GxP-Compliant Documentation

Comply with GxP guidelines with automatic data logging and user management. Transfer data to printer or PC for complete and error-free documentation.

Innovative Engineering

Clever design features provide an ergonomic weighing experience while innovative quality assurance functions ensure accurate results.

Documentation - Balance XSR1203S

Accessories - Balance XSR1203S

Anti-static Solutions

Antistatic kit including one stand and one compact electrode for XPR/XSR balances

Material No.: 30499859


CarePac 1000g F2 / 50g F2 Cal
CarePac® Medium 1000g F2 / 50g F2 inlcuding accessories for handling and cleaning and a calibration certificate

Material No.: 11123008

CPM,1000G, 50G, ASTM,1,1,C
CarePac® medium 1000g /50g ASTM 1 class, including accessories for handling and cleaning and a calibration certificate

Material No.: 11123108

Density Kits and Accessories

Complete density kit for Excellence XPR/XPE/XP/XS/XSR precision balances

Material No.: 30300933

Draft Shields

External draft shield for Excellence XPR precision balances and mass comparators with S-Platform

Material No.: 11134430

Draft shield compatible with XPR/XSR balances with 1 mg / 0.1 mg readability (height 248 mm)

Material No.: 30300926

Glass-free draft shield for XPR/XSR balances with 1 mg / 0.1 mg readability - suitable for food industry. (height 248 mm)

Material No.: 30409092

Excellence Refractometer Accessories and Consumables

P-58RUE Thermal Printer offers statistics, formulation, totaling applications and label printing with barcode. It can be connected via RS232, USB and ethernet interfaces.

Material No.: 30094674

P-56RUE Thermal printer supports printing on thermal paper and continuous thermal labels, and it can be connected via RS232, USB and ethernet interfaces.

Material No.: 30094673

Hands-free Accessories, Stands & Displays & Data Readers

Stand for placement of the terminal 30 cm above the small weighing pan precision balances

Material No.: 30125077

Bracket for mounting XPE/XPR terminals to a wall

Material No.: 30138798

Corded USB barcode scanner for the reading of 1D / linear codes

Material No.: 30417466

ErgoSens, optical sensor for remote operation, USB connection

Material No.: 30300915

Footswitch, optional switch for remote operation, USB connection

Material No.: 30312558

Instrument protection

Platform protective cover for XPR/XSR balances with readability 1 mg / 0.1 mg

Material No.: 30300967

Protective cover for XSR terminal

Material No.: 30300968

Interfaces, Cables and Power Supplies

Single Bluetooth RS232 serial adapter ADP-BT-S for wireless connection

Material No.: 30086494

Bluetooth USB adaptor for XPR/XSR balances.

Material No.: 30416089

Terminal cable, extended, 4.5 m

Material No.: 30300920

Portable Refractometer Accessories and Consumables

RS232 - USB converter cable to connect a balance (RS232) to a USB port

Material No.: 64088427

Printers for Moisture Analyzers

P-52RUE dot matrix printer supports printing on paper and continuous label and can be connected via RS232, USB and Ethernet interfaces.

Material No.: 30237290

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Software - Balance XSR1203S

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