pH Automation & Software for Increased Efficiency and Security

pH Automation & Software

Increased Efficiency and Security

Traceability and Compliance

Working from a PC with LabX® will ensure that you are fully compliant with regulatory standards such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11. Additional features include user management, electronic signatures and release process for methods and reports.

Optimized Workflow

LabX® Method Editor allows for easy-to-use method creation through a drag-and-drop function. Specific workflows can be programmed to ensure every operator uses them.

Centralized Database

With a professional and centralized database, no more individual configuration and management for each instrument is needed. Instead, all connected instruments and users can access specific information for each instrument in one place.


Maximum Productivity

InMotion™ autosamplers are designed to maximize throughput and increase productivity without sacrificing laboratory bench space.

Workflow Flexibility

Tailored workflows can be achieved through intuitive and flexible programming. Ultimate efficiency can be achieved through the cleaning sequence that can be run in parallel to other tasks.

Modular and Tailored

Build your autosampler according to your sample needs with modular boards for extra pumps, CoverUp system for protecting your samples and operators as well as the water bath sample trays for temperature control.

Analytical Instruments

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EasyDirect™ pH Software
Connect your pH meter to EasyDirect™ pH software to improve your data management. Within a few clicks the data measured on you pH meter could be seaml...


Power the Bench - An Enhanced Strategy for Data Integrity
Achieve workflow control, traceability and data automation by integrating bench top instruments and balances with LabX.
21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Instruments
Electronic Records on Instruments without a PC? Please read why experts state, that standalone instruments cannot be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and conc...


InMotion™ Autosamplers
Automation in a laboratory today has high demands for a variety of samples and workflows. Automation is no longer just going from sample to sample for...
InMotion™ CoverUp™
Use the InMotion Autosampler CoverUp lid handling system to protect your samples or operators. The automated lid handling, removing the lid just befor...
InMotion™ Aliquot Kit
Combined with the InMotion Autosampler Pro Base and InMotion 25 mL Pro Rack; the Aliquot Kit offers ultimate efficiency and productivity for liquid sa...
InMotion™ Autosamplers
Automation in a laboratory today has high demands for a variety of samples and workflows. From eliminating process order and transcription errors of s...
InMotion™ Chemical Oxygen Demand Kit
Combined with the InMotion Autosampler Flex Base and 100 mL Rack; the Chemical Oxygen Demand Kit is designed to work with your digestion vials for a s...


How can I increase efficiency and data security in my laboratory?

Enhance the functionality of your pH meter to meet stringent compliance requirements or to optimize workflow with our pH Automation & Software options. Software & Automation upgrades increase data security with LabX® while process automation can be achieved through integration with our InMotion™ autosampler:

pH Automation

Two upgrade options are available for integrated automation into your pH system.

  • InMotion™ Autosampler:
    The InMotion™ autosampler maximizes throughput with a small footprint while creating flexibility and efficiency in your workflow. It supports up to 300 samples and automated calibration. Offered as a Flex, Pro, or Max, each autosampler has specific features designed to match your measuring needs.
  • Rondolino Sample Changer:
    The Rondolino sample changer supports up to 9 samples and connects easily via USB. Small and compact, this pH automation accessory is perfect for increasing efficiency while saving bench space.

pH Software

  • LabX® software:
    LabX® enables seamless integration of all METTLER TOLEDO excellence instruments into a multiparameter platform that ensures regulatory compliance. With the method editor, creating methods through the drag and drop function has never been easier. Workflows can be programmed and customized for every operator.
  • EasyDirect™:
    EasyDirect™ is best used for standalone pH meters, allowing for improved data management and transfer. It is easy to use with plug and play connectivity and intuitive operation.
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