pH Software and Automation for Increased Efficiency and Security

pH Software and Automation

Increase the Efficiency and Security of Your pH Workflow

pH software and automation are upgrade options that enhance the functionality of your pH meter by increasing the efficiency and security of the pH measurement workflow. Connected to a SevenExcellence™ pH meter, the LabX™ pH software increases data security and supports compliance with stringent regulatory requirements, such as 21 CFR Part 11. By further adding the InMotion™ autosampler, this comprehensive solution enables fully automated measurement of over 300 samples. Such a system maximizes throughput by simplifying workflows to meet your productivity goals.

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Advantages of METTLER TOLEDO's pH Software and Automation

Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Comply with Regulatory Requirements

LabX™ pH software fully supports requirements of regulatory standards such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 in pH measurements. Additional LabX features include user management, electronic signatures, and a secure release process for methods and reports.

Optimize the Workflow

Optimize the Workflow

LabX™ supports efficiency in the laboratory with features such as a method editor. This easy-to-use drag and drop software ensures operators perform every workflow step so that analyses produce accurate, repeatable results.

Connect to Various Instruments

Connect to Various Instruments

LabX™ pH software enables you to seamlessly combine METTLER TOLEDO's Excellence Line instruments. Benefit from unified processes and easy system maintenance with smooth integration into other systems, as well as reduced training and validation efforts.

Maximize Productivity

Maximize Productivity

Designed to expand throughput in minimal space, InMotion™ autosamplers increase productivity without sacrificing laboratory bench space. The innovative robotic arms of the Pro and Max series is placed over the sample tray, optimizing space.

Customize the Measurement Process

Customize the Measurement Process

The InMotion™ has intuitive and flexible programming that allows for tailored workflows for your samples. Use the PowerShower™ and conditioning sequences for effective cleaning and maintenance of sensors.

Protect Samples and Operator

Protect Samples and Operator

Use the InMotion™ CoverUp lid’s handling system to protect the samples from ambient impacts and the operator from hazardous and odiferous samples and reagents. The lid is removed automatically just before the analysis and placed back on the sample beaker directly afterwards.

EasyDirect for Standalone Meters

EasyDirect for Standalone Meters

Simplify data management with EasyDirect™ pH PC software. Collect data, generate reports and plots, export to a PC, or print on a network printer. 45-days free trial: Read more

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What are pH software options for METTLER TOLEDO’s pH meter?

Enhance the functionality of your pH meter to meet stringent compliance requirements or to handle your data easily with a straightforward PC software:

  • LabX™ software—enables seamless integration of all METTLER TOLEDO Excellence Instruments into a multiparameter platform that fully supports regulatory compliance. Creating methods has never been easier thanks to the drag and drop function of the method editor. Workflows can be programmed and customized for every operator.
  • EasyDirect™—is best used for standalone pH meters, allowing for improved data management and transfer. It is easy to use with plug-and-play connectivity and intuitive operation.


Can I automate my pH measuring system?

Two upgrade options are available for integrated automation into your pH system:

  • InMotion™ Autosampler—maximizes throughput with a small footprint while creating flexibility and efficiency in your workflow. It supports up to 300 samples and automated calibration. Offered as a Flex, Pro, or Max, each autosampler has specific features designed to match your measuring needs.
  • Rondolino Sample Changer—supports up to 9 samples and connects easily via USB. Small and compact, this pH automation accessory increases efficiency while saving bench space.


How can I get support for LabX™ software?

If your LabX software is registered, you can become a member of the LabX products knowledge base and get access to LabX product information for end-user including:

Release notes, frequently asked questions and details on open issues from our R&D, technical support, and user community. Go to: and login with your user credentials to see the link to the knowledge base.


What is the InMotion™ pH autosampler used for?

Today there is a high demand for laboratory automation systems that can process a variety of samples and adjust to different workflows. Our InMotion autosamplers are designed to assist in every way for flexible workflows and efficient analysis. The fully automated pH measurement system eliminates process order and transcription errors and allows environmental control and protection of the analysis.

SevenExcellence, in combination with the InMotion autosampler and LabX™ software, allows fully automated measurement of more than 300 samples, including the fulfillment of the highest standards for data integrity.


What are the benefits of EasyDirect™ pH software?

Connect a pH meter to EasyDirect™ pH software to improve data management. Within a few clicks the data measured on the pH or conductivity meter is seamlessly transferred to a computer. The application stores the data unmodified and allows for further printing or analysis. Simplify data handling with automatic export to .xls or .csv files. Directly print the data to any printer connected or installed on your computer. EasyDirect™ pH is a simple and safe alternative for storing and handling pH measurement data.

Download your 45 days free trial version on: