Thermotrode - 2.0m

Thermometric Sensor.Thermotrode™ Sensor (2m)

Quick and Precise Results

Titrate crude oil and petroleum products in a fast and easy way. Connect the sensor to your Excellence titrators and run your analysis.

Accurate Temperature Measurement

With high resolution and wide temperature measurement range, Thermotrode™ allows you to get precise and accurate results of petrochemical products.

No Calibration, No Maintenance

Thermotrode™ doesn’t require calibration, conditioning or other maintenance. Simply place the sensor on the titration stand and run your analysis.

Material No.: 30322061

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Specifications - Thermotrode - 2.0m
Compatible titrators
T5, T7 and T9
Measurement Type
Response Time
0.3 s
Thermistor type
2 m
Shaft Material
Temperature Range
0 °C – 65 °C
Temperature resolution
0.0001 °C
Product Line
Excellence Titrators



Datasheet: Thermometric Titration
The Thermotrode™ accurately determines the acid number of a wide range of petrochemical products with a fast and straightforward method. With its very...


Excellence Titrators

The T5 Excellence titrator delivers full flexibility for both potentiometric and Karl Fischer applications. Expandable from 1 to 4 total burettes to grow with advanced needs. Supports InMotion automation for high throughput testing.

Material No.: 30252672

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The T7 expands modularity for Excellence line titrators, from 1 to 4 total burettes plus an extra sensor board to grow with advanced needs including KF. Supports InMotion automation + future upgradeability to full T9 functionality.

Material No.: 30252675

( incl. VAT)
The T9 provides top modularity within the Excellence line. Expandable from 1 to 8 total burettes plus 2 extra sensor boards to grow with advanced needs including Karl Fischer. Supports InMotion automation and 2 simultaneous titration workflows.

Material No.: 30252676

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Thermotrode - 2.0m