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Titrator Excellence T5

Versatile titrator for all applications. The T5 Excellence titrator delivers full flexibility for both potentiometric and Karl Fischer applications. Expandable from 1 to 4 total burettes to grow with advanced needs. Supports InMotion automation for high throughput testing.

One Click User Interface

With the intuitive One Click touchscreen interface, customize home screens to run your workflows quickly and easily with a single tap on the screen.

Fully Flexible Automation

Compatible with powerful InMotion automation. Sample changing, complex titrations, cleaning steps and more run automatically, saving operators' time.

Solid Compliance

In regulated environments, LabX software provides full support for your compliance needs to 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11.

Specifications - Titrator Excellence T5
Additional Burette Drives (Optional) 3 max. (1 for titration, 2 for dosing only)
Method Functions per Method 15 max.
LabX Software Express and Server
Optional Extra Sensor Boards None
Automation Option(s) InMotion, Rondolino
Application Type Potentiometric; Conductometric; Thermometric; KF Volumetric; KF Coulometric
Barcode Reader Connection Yes (USB)
Drying Oven Option DO308 (manual)
End point titration Yes
EQP titration Yes
Generator Cell Diaphragm optional
If…Then Conditions No
Karl Fischer titration Yes
Max. Number of Methods 150
One Click® User Interface Yes
Parallel Titration No
Plug & Play Features Burettes and Sensors
Predefined methods 60
Printer Connection Yes (USB)
Samples per Analysis (Max.) 303
Shortcuts per user 24
Solvent Manager Option Yes
Task List (Max.) 10
Tasks Running Simultaneously (Max.) 0
Terminal Color touch screen with StatusLight
Upgradeability No
User Rights and Management Fully flexible role definitions
User-Defined Calculations Yes
Languages Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Material Number(s) 30252672

Plug & Play Accessories

Sensors and burettes are automatically recognized when connected. Avoid errors by eliminating extra data entry steps and reduce instrument setup time.

Karl Fischer Titration

Excellence line titrators fully support both volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titrations to accurately measure water in liquid or solid samples from 0.001% to 100%.

Automated Workflows for Traceability

Data entry options include barcodes and RFID tags to instantly transfer sample IDs, weights, and chemical information, even automatically choosing the correct method for every sample.

Safe Chemical Handling

Reduce user contact with chemicals by automatically draining and refilling the titrator cell and preventing waste overflow with dedicated accessories.


The SmartChemicals accessory enables instant wireless transfer of titration chemicals' identity and shelf life data to the titrator. No mistakes or wasted operator time.


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Titrator Excellence T5



Automated titration above room temperature
Can even turn on your coffee machine
Crush quickly hard solid samples
Safe and easy water release
Handles sticky samples easily

Automated Refractometry Measurement

EasyPlus™ Accessories

Excellence Refractometer Accessories and Consumables

InMotion™ Autosamplers

Increase testing throughput in your lab with the single row InMotion Flex Autosampler. Connect the Flex to Excellence titrators, density meters, refractometers, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, and pH meters for increased productivity.
Increase testing throughput in your lab with the multiple row InMotion Pro Autosampler. Connect the Pro to Excellence titrators, density meters, refractometers, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, and pH meters for increased productivity.
Increase testing throughput in your lab with the multiple row InMotion Max Autosampler. Connect the Max to Excellence titrators, density meters, refractometers, UV/VIS spectrophotometers, and pH meters for increased productivity.

Metal sensors

Double pin platinum electrode


Automated Titration Stand

Titration Chemicals with Full Data Integrity - SmartChemicals

UV Vis Spectrophotometer Cuvettes & Accessories

pH Accessories

pH Automation & Software

pH glass sensors

Plug & Play combined glass pH electrode
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Titrator Excellence T5
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