Webinar – Thermal Analysis of Paints

Thermal Analysis Techniques and Applications for the Characterization of Paints and Coatings

This webinar covers the characterization of paints and coatings using thermal analysis (TA), including several application examples to illustrate the utility of the individual TA techniques.

Thermal analysis for paints and coatings

Liquid, paste or powder-based paints or coatings are commonly applied to surfaces to protect them against corrosion, weathering and mechanical damage, or otherwise to enhance the attractiveness of objects such as buildings, automobiles or household appliances.

Thermal analysis provides information on melting, crystallization, evaporation, degradation, stress relaxation, softening point, and glass transition, as well as physical properties such as the elastic and viscous moduli. These responses, which change as a function of time or temperature, aid in the development and characterization of a wide range of paints and coatings.

This webinar presents interesting application examples that demonstrate the use of DSC, TGA, TMA, a DMA for the assessment of paints and coatings and how this information can be used to assist product development and optimization.