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    STARe Excellence Thermal Analysis Software

    Thermal Analysis Software with unique flexibility and unlimited evaluation possibilities


    STARe Excellence Software

    Software flexibility and functionality is of vital importance in a modern thermal analysis system and is the key to maximizing productivity.

    • Unlimited evaluation possibilities – enormous flexibility
    • Reliable automation – high sample throughput with result assessment dramatically improves efficiency
    • Integrated database – guarantees highest level of data security


    STARe Software

    Thermal analysis is a well-established analytical method that is widely used in many different fields. It provides laboratories with valuable results and new information in quality assurance and control, process and product development, and research. Many problems can be solved by using a combination of different thermal analysis techniques.


    STARe is the most complete and comprehensive thermal analysis software on the market and provides unrivalled flexibility and unlimited evaluation possibilities.


    Simple operation

    Thanks to its amazing functionality and Ribbon style toolbar, the STAR Thermal Analysis Software is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Many of its features such as OneClick™, multiple curve handling, and specific options like Quality Control or Reference Library simplify routine work.


    Automation for enhanced productivity

    In routine operation, you can automate everything from the measurement to the evaluation and final result assessment.


    Modular concept

    The STARe Thermal Analysis Software consists of the Base software and a large number of application-specific software options. This concept makes it very flexible. It allows you to satisfy your current needs and meet any future requirements.


    Benchmark for flexible evaluation

    A complete software package and expert evaluation possibilities are the basis for the correct interpretation of measurement results. The STARe evaluation software combines application-specific evaluation tools optimized for thermal analysis users with the flexibility of a superior layout program whose functionality sets no limits to individual creativity.

    Products and Specs
    Material No.: 51119876
    Material No.: 51119874
    Material No.: 51119875
    Material No.: 51119556
    Material No.: 51141647
    Material No.: 51141648
    Material No.: 51141640
    Material No.: 51142482
    Material No.: 51141639
    Material No.: 51140478
    Material No.: 51140458
    Material No.: 30030554
    Material No.: 119457
    Material No.: 51141351
    Material No.: 119458
    Material No.: 51141466
    Material No.: 51141971
    Material No.: 51140657
    Material No.: 51140657
    Material No.: 51119493
    Material No.: 51119664
    Material No.: 51119664
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