Determination of Specific Heat Capacity Using Methods Based on DSC
On Demand Webinar

Webinar – Determination of Specific Heat Capacity by DSC

On Demand Webinar
Webinar on specific heat capacity
Webinar on specific heat capacity

The specific heat capacity (cp) is an important, temperature-dependent material property and is often specified in material data sheets. It is a key property for improving technical processes such as injection molding, spray drying or crystallization as well as for the safety analysis of chemical processes and the design of chemical reactors.

In this Webinar, we will discuss six different methods for determining the specific heat capacity and present some interesting applications.

39:06 min
English , 日本語

The Webinar covers the following topics:

  • Definition of Specific Heat Capacity, cp
  • Importance of cp
  • Methods
    - Direct method
    - Sapphire method
    - IsoStep® DSC
    - Steady State ADSC
    - ADSC
    - TOPEM®
  • Applications
  • Summary
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