eGuide Metal Detection Solutions for Food & Non-food

Metal Detection Solutions for Food, Non-food and Pharma


Solutions to suit your budget and performance needs

Metal Detection Soluitions for Food & Non-food Guide
Metal Detection Soluitions for Food & Non-food Guide

 This guide highlights METTLER TOLEDO Safeline's metal detection solutions for a wide range of applications. Our metal detection solutions can be used at critical control points to inspect raw materials, in-process or at end-of-line to inspect finished or packaged goods. Our metal detection solutions go beyond basic metal detection – offering high performance, stable and reliable inspection, detection of the smallest contaminants, and ease of use. Our in-house experts have decades of experience designing metal detection solutions that improve productivity and make compliance easier to achieve, and our global team of service experts are on hand to provide after sales support where and when you need it.

Our metal detection solutions for conveyorized applications are highly customisable to suit your budget and performance needs. Choose your desired tunnel metal detector from a range of technology platforms, then select the right conveyor for your application. A suite of failsafe and due diligence features are available on our metal detection solutions for conveyorized applications to support you in meeting the strictest retailer codes of practice.

When it comes to pumped products, we offer three different metal detection solutions. These include HDS systems for vacuum-filler applications such as sausage meat; our L-Series systems for inspection of liquids, pastes and slurries; and our Profile Advantage Pipeline system when pumped product is subject to bubbles or voids in the product flow.

Our metal detection solutions for vertical inspection applications include throat-style metal detectors for installation between multi-head weighers and bagmakers in Vertical Form, Fill and Seal applications, and Gravity-fall systems with a range of integrated reject systems, ideal for the inspection of powders and granular products.

For pharmaceutical and nutraceutical inspection, as well as some small confectionery products, our Tablex range of metal detection solutions provides the ideal system for detecting and rejecting the smallest metal contaminants in tablets and in capsules. Our Pharma GF-Pro system has been designed to inspect free-falling powders including API products.

Looking for a combi solution? We have a wide range of metal detectors that can be combined with an extensive range of Garvens checkweighers to provide an integrated system solution with a compact foorprint and only four feet on the floor.

All of our metal detection solutions can be connected to ProdX– METTLER TOLEDO's proprietary data collection software that enables automatic data collection, recording and storage to make audit compliance easier.