Rex Pak Limited is Canada's leading dry food blending and packaging co-manufacturer, who have recently invested in product inspection equipment.

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Rex Pak Business Grows with Product Inspection Equipment

Safe, High-quality Food Ensures Customer Satisfaction

Rex Pak Limited is Canada's leading dry food blending and packaging co-manufacturer, who have recently invested in product inspection equipment. The company manufactures and packages a wide variety of dry powder foodstuffs, including rice, pasta, cheese, soup mixes and sugar sachets at its 100,000 square-foot production facility in Ontario.

Founded by Louis Sabatini in 1973, Rex Pak's day-to-day operations are now managed by Louis' daughter Denise, along with his son and vice-president of manufacturing, Devin Sabatini.

Mr Sabatini explains how installing product inspection equipment from METTLER TOLEDO throughout the plant's 30 automated packaging lines, as well as in the quality assurance laboratory, is helping to keep brand owners happy, as well as enabling the co-packer to respond quickly to new trends.

X-ray Inspection Technology Offers Peace of Mind

Recent investments in product inspection include installation of laboratory equipment, checkweighers and three x-ray inspection systems – an X33 and two X36 models.

"More and more, our customer discussions reveal a high level of interest in having their products x-ray inspected and we've also had many potential 'would-be' customers contact us to ask if we have x-ray inspection units in place," explains Mr Sabatini.

Running at just 20 watts of power, the X33 was chosen due to its low total cost of ownership and is used for finished product inspection of filled, sealed and weighed bags. The X36 systems are used to inspect larger products and are adept at handling multiple product types and changes, providing much-needed flexibility.

"We're very happy with our x-ray systems, they're very reliable and they allow us to search for a wide-range of contaminants such as small mineral stones and other natural products,” Mr Sabatini.

"All our METTLER TOLEDO equipment, from the checkweighing systems, to our new x-ray and laboratory equipment, provides both the customer and us with complete peace-of-mind that only safe food is going out in the market."

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