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Robotic Mass Comparator.1 µg readability / 27 magazine positions / calibration range: OIML accuracy class E1; E2; F1; F2

Increase throughput

The fully automated process allows efficient weight calibration, while delivering top throughput in continuous 24 hour operation.

Reduce errors

Robotic mass comparators minimize errors such as confusion between weights, imprecise placement, and incorrect transcription.

Simplify dissemination

With automated measurement of weight combinations, seamless traceability to your mass standard is ensured.

Spécifications - Mass Comparator e100
Maximum Capacity
111 g
1 µg
OIML Class
E1; E2; F1; F2
Electrical Weighing Range
0 g – 11 g
Dimensions (DxHxL)
900 mm x 760 mm x 1,280 mm
Guaranteed Repeatability
1.6 µg
Repeatability ABA at Nominal Load
1.6 µg
Weight Handler
3-axis robot

Save time and cut costs

Automating the highly repetitive weight calibration process allows the operator to gain time to focus on other tasks. By utilizing instrumentation capable of running 24 hours per day, maximum productivity is guaranteed.

Flexible Solutions that meet your needs

The robotic mass comparator is ideal as the first step in automating your weight calibration workflow, as well as the perfect solution for high-throughput weight calibrations.


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Mass Comparator e100
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