Easy to Use, Easy to Clean Precision Balances

Laboratories in the chemical industry need balances that are not only fast and accurate but also easy to keep clean. NewClassic MS balances are ideal for handling chemicals of all kinds. They have been designed specifically with cleaning in mind, including unique features that make cleaning easier, faster and more effective.
Handling chemicals calls for special care and dedicated equipment. Nearly all lab processes start with weighing-in chemical substances so the right balance is key to cost-efficiency and productivity. However, cleaning can also be time-consuming, especially if there is a very high risk of contamination, or where noxious, messy substances are being weighed. Here, an easily cleaned balance can make light of an difficult job. For this reason in particular, NewClassic MS balances are an ideal and safe solution for handling chemicals of all kinds:
  • The draft shield dismantles in a few seconds, entirely without tools and the glass panels are all dishwasher-proof.
  • The drip tray simply lifts out, avoiding spills into the weighing cell.
  • The robust metal housing is resistant to most chemicals, including acetone.
  • The protective cover, supplied as standard, shields against stains and scratches.
The result: chemical balances that keep working fast and effectively while maintaining a professional appearance under industrial laboratory conditions.

Watch how easy it is to dismantle the draft shield:

Easy Cleaning