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Explore Our Service Solutions

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Ensure consistent precision, improve Productivity and reduce downtime

The accuracy of your instrument determines the quality of your end product and ensures trouble-free compliance to meet any standards and all internal and external requirements. Mettler Toledo Service provides high expertise to help you maintain consistent quality, improve productivity and consequently increase profit and reduce inconsistencies. Explore the advantages of our service plans tailored to your needs and your industry specific requirements.


Maintenance Packages


Calibration Certificates


Certificates Annexes

BasicCare ensures continued uptime and performance with discounted labor costs in case of a repair.

StandardCare extends continued uptime and performance with coverage of labor costs in case of a repair.

ComprehensiveCare maximizes full performance and budget control with coverage of labor costs and material costs in case of a repair.

Accuracy Calibration Certificate (ACC) - Key to Ensured Accuracy

Only a calibration can show you how accurate your weighing results are. Therefore, your device must be calibrated onsite in the enviroment where it is used.

Our Accuracy Calibration Certificate (ACC) quantifies the performance of your device (measurement uncertainty) over its entire measurement range and is available with various annexes, depending on applicable regulations.

GWP® Certificate - Meet Your Process Requirements

With the GWP® Certificate (as an annex to the ACC), we can help you with the interpretation of the calibration results and determine whether the balance or scale meets your own requirements. This gives you peace of mind that the device is fit-for-purpose and documents that you fulfill your accuracy requirements.

Preventive Maintenance Pays Off

You want to get the most out of your investment and extend the lifetime of your equipment. We help you to reduce the high risk of unplanned downtime with a predictive maintenance program including hotline, remote and onsite support. This maintenance approach prevents overspending on repairs, missing budget goals, and protects you from unplanned downtime and unpredictable scenarios.

Calibration and Compliance

Whether you measure in a QC lab, in-line, at filling or for shipping, you need to have confidence that your measurement equipment operates consistently throughout all operations. Our wide range of compliance expertise provides you with the appropriate calibration certificates and risk based plans to meet all requirements with globally accepted, audit-proof and fully traceable documentation. 



Our Services at a glance - tailored to your needs

Profit from proactive and planned equipment maintenance avoiding risks of unreliable results, unexpected downtime and costs. And in order to ensure full compliance, audit-proof documentation, fast intervention or profit from our training expertise, we offer you a set of complementary service features - depending on your industry and regulation we provide you with a customized service selection - made simple and tailored to your requirements.

No Contract



Planned Preventive Maintenance


Operational Testing

Functional Testing only



Calibration and Verification

On request
Added to service contract according to your requirements and regulations

GxP – Good Measuring Practices

On request
Recommended, preferred rates may apply

Planned Calibration




Customer Training*

On request
Recommendation provided

Full Asset Report




Remote Support

Preferred rates

Technical Hotline


Repair Labor included

Preferred rates

Repair Parts included


Preferential intervention


Service Level Agreement

Best effort
Standard 48h
Standard 48h or customized up to 24/7

Travel Time

Not included
Preferred rates

*Exceptions might apply