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Ariva Integrated Checkout Scales

Superior transaction speeds offer faster checkout processes and shortened weighing times for your busy shoppers. The Ariva checkout scales are the ultimate solution for optimized checkouts. With their low power consumption, Ariva offers a reduced cost of ownership and enhanced sustainability. The new USB interface simplifies integration.

Furthermore, METTLER TOLEDO offers one globally used software for simplicity and best usability. In addition to faster transaction times, the durability of Ariva is unmatched. The robust design protects the interior weighing components from dirt and liquids and withstands the abuse of the day-to-day checkout process. The Ariva is integrated with Honeywell, NCR, and Datalogic scanners.

Products and Specs

Products and Specs
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DescriptionHorizontal scanner scale
BenefitsFrees up counterspace
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DescriptionStand-alone single and dual-interval checkout scale
BenefitsIdeal for environments where high-resolution weight is required, such as bulk goods and frozen yogurt
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DescriptionSmall version of the Ariva-S standalone checkout scale
BenefitsHigh-resolution weighing standalone checkout scale, taking up 64% less counter space than the Ariva-S


Product Brochures

Ariva Checkout Line Brochure
Ariva Checkout Line brochure
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