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Rainin classic single channel pipette

Rainin Classic Pipette

Rugged Construction, Dependable Pipetting Performance

A manual pipette is a handheld instrument used in life science laboratories to transfer small amounts of liquids from various well plates, tubes, flasks and reservoirs. The Rainin Classic manual single-channel pipette is an excellent choice for basic pipetting protocols. Robust and durable, this universal-fit pipette will provide years of reproducible performance with low risk of out-of-tolerance errors. The Rainin Classic is available in the following volume ranges: 0.1 μL – 5000 μL.

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Advantages of the Rainin Classic Pipette

rainin classic pipette

Improved Ergonomics

The Rainin Classic features a comfortable finger-hook for lighter grip and a silicone shock absorber for less impact. Lighter spring forces and low-drag seals make it easy on your hands.

a durable pipette

High Durability

Like all Rainin pipettes, the Classic is built to last – simple maintenance is all that is required to keep it in top condition. Fewest out-of-tolerance errors. Rugged construction, stainless steel and quality PVDF for durability and easy maintenance.

rainin classic pipette

Lower Plunger Forces

25% less force required compared to similar traditional pipettes, thanks to lighter springs.


Rainin Classic Manual Pipette Operating Instructions
This document provides a complete overview of the operating instructions for the Rainin Classic Manual Pipette.
Rainin Classic Manual Pipette Datasheet
Rainin Classic improves traditional pipetting. Robust and durable, it provides years of reproducible performance with low out-of-tolerance errors.
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Product Description

Eight models of the Rainin Classic continuously adjustable digital pipette cover the entire volume range from 0.1 μL to 10 mL. Rainin Classic pipettes are not limited to fixed volume increments but can be set to any volume in range, e.g. 6.6, 133.3, 377, 2228 μL. The piston stroke is set by adjusting a micrometer coupled directly to a digital volume indicator, which reads in microliters. The digital volume indicator simplifies volume setting and virtually eliminates calculation errors.

All 2 to 5000 μL Rainin Classic models are equipped with a stainless steel piston and an o-ring sealing system, which only needs a small amount of oil to function. The seal in the 10 mL model requires grease for lubrication.

A stainless steel tip ejector is provided with all models (except PR-5000 and PR-10ML) for safe disposal of used tips. The ejector has a quick-release mechanism.

Tip Selection

Rainin Classic pipettes are calibrated using Rainin tips. Performance to published specifications is guaranteed only when Rainin tips are used. Graduation marks on each Rainin tip are useful for quick volume checks.

Rainin pipettes and tips are designed together as a pipetting system. Molded from premium-grade virgin polypropylene, all Rainin tips are BioClean and totally inert, so you can be assured of the best pipetting results.

How to Mount a Universal-Fit Pipette Tip

To mount a universal-fit pipette tip, press the shaft into the end of the tip with light force. The tip will seal properly on the shaft with minimal force — do not use more force than is required.

  • Tips must seal properly on the shaft to assure an air-tight seal and avoid leaks or poor accuracy.
  • Tips must be soft and flexible so that the shaft is not scratched or worn prematurely.
  • Tips must be free from microscopic flash and particulates.
  • The tip orifice must be the correct size, and orifice size and geometry must be consistent from tip to tip. Otherwise, accuracy and precision will be affected.
  • Interior and exterior surfaces must be clear, smooth, and hydrophobic to avoid retention of liquid. Too much retention results in poor accuracy and reproducibility.


Genuine Rainin tips easily pass these requirements. Rainin cannot accept responsibility for poor performance resulting from the use of tips by other manufacturers.