What are the advantages of using our static dimensioning systems?

Static dimensioning systems automate the process of measuring manual packages to make it quicker, more accurate and more reliable. In just seconds, weight, dimension and package ID data can be captured and communicated directly to your host computer system, allowing you to achieve…

  • Efficient space utilization
  • Effective shipment planning
  • Faster shipment processing
  • Elimination of DIM weight back-charges
  • Shipping revenue recovery

How fast can the system capture measurements?

Static dimensioning systems can capture measurements in as little as 1-3 seconds to maximize your productivity.

Where can I buy a static dimensioning system for warehouses?

METTLER TOLEDO static dimensioning systems for warehouses are available for sale. You can browse our static dimensioning portfolio and discover the benefits of our solutions on mt.com.

Can your static dimensioning system scan multiple objects at the same time?

It is not recommended to use a static dimensioning system to scan more than one object at a time. Scanning one package at a time safeguards accuracy of the measurements to help you achieve effective shipment planning and space utilization. If you need a solution that enables faster measurement or multiple measurements at once, we recommend a dynamic dimensioning or combination solution. Consult your local METTLER TOLEDO expert to find the best fit for your operation.

Can the system measure irregular items?

Our camera-based static dimensioning systems can measure irregular items and packages, including non-cuboidal solid objects such as cylinders, trapezoids, prisms or spheres, as long as the packaging is opaque, while our laser-based static dimensioning systems are approved to measure regular cuboidal and irregular shaped parcels.

Is the static dimensioning system NTEP (Weights & Measures) certified?

METTLER TOLEDO's static dimensioning systems are NTEP and OIML certified.

Can the system combine dimension, weight and barcode ID data?

METTLER TOLEDO’s static dimensioning systems can interface with barcode readers and weighing scales to combine the dimension, weight and ID data into a single transaction and send the data to host PC systems.

What kind of communication interfaces does the static dimensioning system support?

METTLER TOLEDO’s static dimensioning systems can communicate to host PC systems using USB, Ethernet, RS-232 serial and Bluetooth interface options.