Manual Mass Comparators

High Performance Comparator Balances up to 5,400 kg

A mass comparator is a high performance balance that has the best possible resolution and repeatability, enabling very small differences in mass to be determined with a high degree of accuracy. Mass comparators are used to calibrate and verify masses and weights in mass metrology. A mass comparator balance can also be used for high accuracy weighing in other applications.

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What is the difference between a manual mass comparator and a regular balance?

A mass comparator and a regular balance are built on the same principles. However, the weighing cell used in a mass comparator is carefully selected for its exceptional performance, particularly in terms of its repeatability specifications. In general, the repeatability of a mass comparator is better than that of a regular balance. Comparator balances are often equipped with self-centering weighing pans, called LevelMatic. These special weighing pans automatically adjust to the center of gravity of the weight, eliminating eccentricity errors. These features, coupled with the high repeatability, make comparator balances particularly suited to mass calibration and mass verification applications. However, an increasing number of customers are choosing a manual mass comparator when they require a high level of weighing accuracy.

What is the difference between a window- and a full-range mass comparator?

While a full range comparator can determine any weight up to its maximum capacity, the window-range comparator can weigh only in a window around its target range. However, due to the smaller weight range, window-range comparators have the better repeatability and readability. 

Why are mass comparators called comparators?

Mass comparators as the name implies, are made to compare masses. Namely, a test weight with an unknown weight is compared with a reference weight with a well-known weight. Some comparators are specifically made to compare weights, the so-called window-range comparators, others are simply balances with exceptional weighing performance.