Jewelry Weight Handling

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Tips and Tricks

Handling Test Weights Correctly

Tips and Tricks

Keep Jewelry Costs Precise

jewelry weight handling
jewelry weight handling

From jewelry weighing to assays and density determinations, jewelry weighing results are critical for the retailer's reputation hence require highest measuring precision which can be obtained by correct weight handling. Moreover, accuracy in weighing helps to avoid error-related costs and operate with accordance to regulations.

Learn how test weight affects weighing accuracy:

  • Using balance tested with mishandled reference weights can lead to considerable weighing errors.
  • The percentage mass variation becomes particularly critical while using small weights or working with materials such as gemstones and precious metals where weight determines price.
  • Even small inaccuracies can result in significant monetary losses over time.
  • Inaccuracies mean non-compliance with legal-for-trade requirements or damage to your professional reputation.test

Weights are the most important equipment used not only for calibration but also for testing of scales and balances. This requires manually handling a set of test weights suitable for the balance. Correct weight handling has a significant impact on jewellery weighing.

Find out why - this document gives you helpful tips and tricks to make your weights maintain accuracy long-term.

With our guide you will learn more about the dos and don'ts of handling with weights.