The Global Weighing Standard Webinar - Part 2: Routine Testing
On Demand Webinar

Good Weighing Practice™- The Global Weighing Standard - Part 2: Routine Testing of Weighing Systems

On Demand Webinar

Throughout the industry, there are common misconceptions regarding the selection and use of weighing equipment.

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Karl Fritsch GWP Good weighing practice

Dr. Klaus Fritsch, Manager Compliance at METTLER TOLEDO.

1 hour.

Technical requirements

This webinar will be streamed online.

The second part of the webinar deals with the test methods to establish systematic, thorough and useful verification of the balance's performance throughout the whole life of the instrument. Questions as how, how often, with which weights and according to which tolerances should the balance be tested, are answered. It is shown that testing depends on two important parameters, on the weighing accuracy and the risk associated with incorrect weighings. The different roles and responsibilities of calibration provided by the service technician, routine testing with test weights performed by the user, and built-in safety features as automatic adjustment are detailed, and the methodology of customized recommendations based on an integral test strategy is explained.

Target audience
QA and QC managers, compliance managers, laboratory and production managers and balance responsible persons.


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