Webinar: Static and Drafts Can Disrupt Weighing

Recommendations to Achieve Worry-Free Weighing

Static and drafts make you frustrated by unstable or drifting measurement readings? How do you know you've recorded the correct result?

This webinar will help improve your weighing accuracy and increase confidence in your weighing results. The impact of external influences, such as air drafts, electrostatic charges and temperature variations, on the accuracy of weighing results is described. Advice and recommendations are given on how to reduce or avoid these effects to achieve easier, faster and more accurate weighing results.

static and drafts webinar

static and drafts webinar

Weighing is a very common activity in most laboratories, and is often the first step in the preparation of a sample that requires analysis or further processing. If the weighing result is unreliable, it can have a profound effect on downstream steps, and the quality of the final results. In spite of this, many factors that have a negative influence on the accuracy of a weighing result, like static and drafts, are frequently overlooked.

This 40-min webinar provides tips and recommendations on how to minimize the impact of environmental influences, such as temperature variations, air turbulence, and electrostatic charges. In addition, the latest developments in weighing technology for analytical and precision balances are introduced in this webinar:

  • StaticDetect™ - automatic static detection for analytical balances which warns whether a weighing result has been influenced by an electrostatic charge and indicates the magnitude of error.
  • SmartPan™ – innovative weighing pan design for precision balances which delivers a more accurate weighing result in less than half the time, especially in an unstable environment.
static and drafts webinar