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Implementing In Situ Process FTIR in a Plant Environment

On Demand Webinar

Full Scale Production of APIs With Process FTIR

In Situ Process FTIR in a Plant Environment
In Situ Process FTIR in a Plant Environment
Recently, there has been an increase in the implementation of in situ process FTIR in kilo labs, full scale plants producing APIs and other high value chemicals, as well as in production scale bioreactors for monitoring fermentations and cell cultures. Monitoring these processes in real time enables the rapid determination of reaction initiation, progression and endpoint. Since FTIR is a molecular measurement technique, individual reaction species can be detected and monitored independently providing engineers with reaction specific information to ensure that processes are maintained within compliance. All of this can be done without the need to take samples for offline analysis using a process FTIR developed specifically for in situ monitoring in a hazardous environment.
Wes Walker Ph.D.
10 Minutes

This presentation discusses how a successful installation of in situ process FTIR technology in the production environment can be achieved by following a protocol called ACES (Application, Communication, Environment, Sampling). This is a two part webinar series with Part 1 focused on A & C (Application and Communication).  Part 2 will focus on E & S (Environment and Sampling). 

Wes Walker is a chemist dedicated to the use of in situ process FTIR spectroscopy in laboratory, pilot plant and production environments. As a result, (bio) pharma, chemical, petroleum and biotechnology companies bring products to market faster, at lower costs and with higher quality. Wes is currently a Senior Technology and Applications Consultant at METTLER TOLEDO.

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