Reduced Moisture Measurement Time with Results Prediction

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80% Reduced Measurement Time with Accurate Results Prediction

80% Reduced Measurement Time with Accurate Results Prediction

Reduced Moisture Measurement Time with Results Prediction

Speed up process steps to save time and money with QuickPredict

Trade and industry need to determine moisture content levels for a variety of reasons, including adherence to regulations and product quality. These moisture determinations need to be carried out reliably and at sufficient speed so that any interventions in the production process can be made quickly to avoid interruptions.

Who can use QuickPredict?

QuickPredict is designed for everybody who benefits from reducing time-to-result for moisture content determination at goods-in, in-process and during quality control.

Which moisture analyzers offer result prediction?

The QuickPredict functionality is available on HX204 (included) and HS153 moisture analyzers (license required).

Do you own an HX204 or HS153 moisture analyzer without the QuickPredict function?

Upgrade your moisture analyzer to the latest software and order your license key from the link below to get started.

How can I check the accuracy of a moisture prediction?

To determine the accuracy of your moisture prediction, simply press the Save and Continue button once a prediction is available and subsequently let the moisture measurement finish. This allows you to compare the predicted moisture value to the final moisture value.

How can I influence the quality of the prediction?

The performance of QuickPredict (precision and uncertainty of a prediction) is mainly determined by the following factors:

  • Sample suitability: distinct curvature of substance
  • Repeatability: repeatability of the method and sample
  • Prediction knowledge: quality of the sample-specific data in the predictive dataset