RapidCal™ Tank Scale Calibration


RapidCal features:

  • Accurate (0.1%) full-scale calibration in the range 1t–32t 
  • Quick calibration process leading to minimal downtime 
  • No bulky test weights required • Purified water and calibrated flowmeter not required 
  • Tank is not opened, eliminating risk of contamination 
  • Tank is exercised identically to the weighing process; piping effects are automatically compensated for 
  • Traceability assured by METTLER TOLEDO 
  • Compatibility with internal Quality Systems 
  • Regular recalibration as part of the Quality System 
  • Process stability assured with minimum effort

Quick and Accurate

Gone are the days of having to rely on time-consuming and expensive calibration methods with uncertain accuracy and traceability results. The new and innovative RapidCal method from METTLER TOLEDO offers an economical and fast calibration method that is traceable, and operates without using test weights or purified liquids, or the risk of scale contamination


Tank Scale Calibration Simplified

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