Application Method

Powder Dispensing Solution for Bottling and Filling

Application Method

Accurate and Reliable Automated Filling into Vials

Any manufacturer or department, who are responsible for supplying valuable chemical substances, will be familiar with the challenges associated with manual filling.

These substances may be certified reference materials and standards, catalysts or enzymes, reagents, or working standards of drug substances for internal use.

Whether you are a centralized repository serving other internal departments, or a chemical supplier selling your substances commercially, the challenge of preparing hundreds of vials or bottles per day are similar. 


Challenges of Bottling and Filling Operations

The common challenges are:

  • Repetitive weighing with a spatula, for hours a day, risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
  • Intense concentration to avoid mistakes and weigh small amounts into small necked containers without spillage
  • Wearing uncomfortable personal protective equipment (PPE) for long periods
  • Restrictive working in a glove box or isolator, whilst trying to accomplish delicate operations

Is Automated Powder Dispensing an Ideal Solution for You?

  • Do you produce small batches, up to 250 bottles or doses, of the same compound?
  • Do you manually weigh 1 – 500 mg of compound repetitively?
  • Do you weigh toxic, hazardous or air sensitive compounds?
  • Do you need to weigh hundreds of different powder types into thousands of different container sizes?
  • Do you weigh in a balance enclosure, safety cabinet or glove box?
  • Do you work according to GLP/GMP?

If you answered yes to any of the above, read our application note and discover how automated weighing of powders can help you overcome these challenges in bottling and filling applications and  enhance your processes.