Application Method

Moisture Content in Wood Pellets – Application Note

Application Method

This application note describes where and how moisture content is measured in the wood pellet production process.

Measure moisture content in wood pellets
Measure moisture content in wood pellets

Moisture content in wood pellets has to remain within specifications throughout production process. Controlling this important parameter is key to achieve operational excellence in wood pellet manufacturing plants.

METTLER TOLEDO’s Halogen Moisture Analyzers play a key role in the process by delivering fast and precise data on the moisture content of the raw materials and final pellets.

  • Moisture content checkpoints in wood pellets production
  • Regulations and quality
  • HC103 – the perfect choice. Quick and accurate.
  • How to use the HC103 moisture analyzer for fast and easy moisture content determination in wood pellets
  •  Method for moisture determination of wood samples

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This application note illustrates the wood pellet production process and highlights the critical checkpoints where moisture content is measured.

Moisture checkpoints

Moisture content wood epllets is determined at key points throughout the production process. Incoming raw goods, wood shavings and sawdust, must be assessed for moisture content to determine the level of drying required prior to processing.

Wood Pellets production process - moisture content


Regulations and quality in wood pellets production

Consumers are demanding premium quality wood pellets with low emissions and high heating efficiency. International regulations and certificates, such as the European quality label "ENplus", ensure highest quality pellets. One quality parameter is the moisture content.

HC103 – the perfect choice for analyzing moisture content in wood pellets

The HC103 Halogen Moisture Analyzer is the perfect choice for determining the moisture content of incoming raw materials and the final wood pellets. The proven measurement technology delivers highly accurate and reliable results. The moisture measurement is based on the same thermogravimetric principle as the drying oven but results are available in just 5–15 minutes.

How to use the HC103 moisture analyzer for fast and easy determination of moisture content in wood pellets

With the example of wood pellets it is demonstrated how easy and fast you get moisture content results for your sample.
A correlation of the moisture analyzer results versus the drying oven method is done proving that the HC103 moisture analyzers provides good repeatability and results matching the results from the official method drying oven.

Method for moisture determination of wood samples

Benefit from our methods and tips and tricks for determination of moisture content in wood pellets production. These methods are applicable for various samples such as wood pellets, saw dust and wood shavings.