A Service Delivered - Globally, Locally, Precisely.

A Service Delivered - Globally, Locally, Precisely.

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Use Cases
Select one of the following application examples to see which service packages other customers use to optimally protect themselves against device failures, comply with legal requirements and consistently ensure high quality. Contact us and together we will put together the best service package for your company.

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Pharmaceutical company in a highly regulated environment

"Our business relationship with the USA brings with it the highest requirements in the area of compliance. With the Min Weigt USP certificate from METTLER TOLEDO, we know whether our weighing instruments meet the accuracy requirements of United States Pharmacopea Chapter 41. Due to the implementation of the GWP concept, we can look forward to our next FDA audit with confidence and save costs at the same time."

Quality laboratory in the food industry

"As a quality laboratory in the food industry, we want to keep costs low, but still protect ourselves against failures. The StandardCare Package offers us an optimal mix for this purpose and covers the working time for any repair work that may be required. The certificates from METTLER TOLEDO give us the certainty that our moisture analyzers measure reliably."

Chemical company

"The ComprehensiveCare package is ideal for our budget responsibles. They know exactly which costs they can expect for weighing instruments. The GWP annex to the calibration certificate reduces the effort for the evaluation of calibration results to a minimum and helps us as a chemical company to optimize our weighing processes. With the GWP Verification, we were also able to optimize the frequency of our routine tests according to a risk-based approach."

Logistics company

"The ComprehensiveCare package and the annual functional check by METTLER TOLEDO help us in our highly automated logistics operation to keep the downtimes of our dynamic weighing systems as low as possible and to increase our profitabilit."

Manufacturer of electronic components

"With the DAkkS calibration certificate including GWP annex, our production managers can see at a glance whether their weighing processes are running in the green range. The annual maintenance also helps us to minimize downtimes."

Testing & Analysis Laboratory

"As an independent analytical laboratory, we are dependent on the availability of our expensive analytical equipment. ComprehensiveCare is the optimal maintenance package to compensate the risk of failure. We can count on METTLER TOLEDO's expertise when evaluating calibration results and discussing the measurement options of the various analytical instruments."








DAkkS Calibration Certificate ISO 17025
GWP® Annex to DAkkS
GWP® (Re-)Verification

On-site maintenance including a test report* as well as repair labor and spare parts - optionally with 7/24 Care

Globally harmonized Accuracy Calibration Certificate (ACC) with DAkkS accreditation according to ISO 17025 - optionally with customer-specific additions

Assessment according to GWP® principles as to whether a weighing instrument is suitable for ist inteded use

USP Minimum Weight and Ph. Eur. Certificate
GWP® Annex to DAkkS

On-site maintenance including a test report* as well as repair labor

United States and European Pharmacopoeia (USP 41 & Ph. Eur. 2.1.7) compliant assessment of weighing instruments

Assessment according to GWP® principles as to whether a weighing instrument is suitable for ist inteded use

Equipment-specific Certificate
Moisture Annex to DAkkS

On-site maintenance including a test report* as well as discounted repair labor

Documentation of the calibration results of measuring instruments (other than scales) according to METTLER TOLEDO specifications

Assessment of the measurement performance of the temperature component of moisture analyzers


Comprehensive risk-based assessment of whether a weighing instrument is suitable for its intended use, incl. recommendation of an appropriate test and maintenance plan with the tolerances and weights to be used

*The basic test report will only be issued in case of absence of a certificate

Requirement level




Regulatory environment: Degree of compliance with legal requirements as well as internal and external guidelines

Cost transparency: Predictability of the annual maintenance and repair costs


Contact us to find the best possible solution for you. Additional information can also be found in the explanations and examples below.


Explanations and Examples