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On-Line TOC Analyzer

Real-time Analysis of TOC Contamination in Water

On-line TOC analyzers offer uninterrupted monitoring of total organic carbon levels for a range of water purity levels. With real-time results, continuous TOC analyzers allow for immediate, preventative actions when excursions are detected to offset potential contamination and ensure regulatory compliance requirements are met. METTLER TOLEDO on-line TOC analyzers feature a simple and low-maintenance sensor-style design for reliable TOC monitoring.

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What is total organic carbon (TOC)?

Total Organic Carbon is a term used to describe the measurement of organic (carbon based) contaminants in a water system. Organic contamination can come from a variety of sources, since "organics" are compounds such as sugar, sucrose, alcohol, petroleum, PVC cement and plastic-based derivatives.

  • Organics may exist in the feed water.
  • Organics may result from the leaching or shedding of various components within the purification or water distribution system.
  • Organics may result from the formation of biofilms (bacteria) in the water system.
What is a TOC analyzer?

A TOC analyzer monitors the amount of total organic carbon within a water system. METTLER TOLEDO on-line TOC analyzers offer reliable, real-time analysis to ensure excursions never go undetected and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Why are TOC measurements used?

Generally, organic contaminants are non-ionic and as such are not detected by standard conductivity measurements. Therefore, high resistivity (low conductivity) measurements in an ultrapure water system will not detect high levels of TOC from high levels of contamination. High levels of TOC can:

  • Degrade water purification systems.
  • Reduce semiconductor yields.
  • Contaminate pharmaceutical batches.
  • Damage power and steam generation equipment.

TOC measurement is used to monitor both the quality and equipment efficiency of many water purification processes. It is utilized in many of the industries and applications that METTLER TOLEDO services:

  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Power and Steam Generation
Are on-line TOC analyzers with continuous flow better than batch process TOC measurements?

Yes. An on-line TOC analyzer, which measures continuous flow, can "see" the whole representative sample of organics in the water system. Much like a movie with continuous frames, a continuous flow TOC analzyer doesn't miss a frame or a TOC excursion.

However, a batch process is like a single frame photograph that takes a "snapshot" of the system. If "snapshots" are taken periodically, TOC excursions can be measured erroneously, as in a portion of an excursion where the magnitude of the excursion is missed, or an entire excursion may be missed entirely! If a batch process TOC unit has a response time of 30 minutes, or even 5 minutes, significant and important information may never be identified until it's too late.

How can I ensure my on-line TOC analyzer is working properly?

METTLER TOLEDO on-line TOC analyzers are equipped with Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology to provide reliable predictive diagnostics to reduce sensor downtime. ISM capabilities ensure that the on-line TOC analyzer, or TOC sensor, is working properly. Additionally, TOC sensors receive visual display indications when calibration is needed or when the UV lamp needs replacement.

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