PipetteX Reference Manual | METTLER TOLEDO

PipetteX Reference Manual


This guide will help you to get started with PipetteX and explains the main features and functionalities of the software.

Along with the SmartStand, PipetteX is meant to simplify the management of all your pipettes. The software is designed to work with both METTLER TOLEDO Rainin pipettes as well as with other brands. Simply upload your spreadsheet into PipetteX and manage your assets from there. In conjunction with the SmartStand you can start to track your assets throughout your lab.

All SmartStands will connect to PipetteX and you can start measuring usage data of pipettes, and see where pipettes were last seen (helping you locate pipettes when they are due for service). Also, updating your PipetteX database becomes really easy when doing service with METTLER TOLEDO Rainin: service dates get automatically updated after service in PipetteX. No more manual typing needed on your end.