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Scale Indicators, Weighing Controllers and Transmitters

Fast, versatile and reliable scale controllers and weight indicator systems

A scale indicator, also known as a weight indicator or a weighing indicator, provides the weight data from a scale to an operator or automated system. Many indicators also serve as scale controllers, which tell a machine when and how to execute certain processes, such as dosing or filling, based on the reading from the scale. Choose from scale indicators with hazardous-area approvals, programmable software, advanced automation speed, and more.

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IND500x Hazardous-Area Indicators

Powerful Process Control and Consistent Quality in Ex-Areas.

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IND360 Automation Weight Indicators

Ultra-fast weight indicators for automating tank weighing and filling systems

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ACT Weight Transmitters

Powerful, Compact and High-Speed Devices for Automated Weighing

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Weighing Indicators for Hazardous Areas

Safe, Reliable Performance in Potentially Explosive Environments

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Tank Silo Hopper

Tank, Silo, Hopper, and Bin Scale Indicators

Rugged and Flexible Tank- And Hopper-Scale Indicators and Systems

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Scale Indicators, Weighing Controllers and Transmitters

Professional Service

From day-one installation to preventative maintenance and equipment repair – let our experience work for you. Our team of expert service technicians is ready to help you with your scale indicator and transmitter needs through the entire life-cycle so that you can achieve operational efficiency and optimal performance. Read more

All-in-One Basic Weighing Bundle

Customize your user experience to set your operators up for success and achieve flexibility for your future needs. IND930/970 indicators, with the all-in-one application bundle ProWorks v1.0, allow you to immediately speed up your operation and reduce errors without the time and expense of programming and operator training. Read more

IND360 Compact Automation Indicator

Through ultra-fast processing connected to the world's most widely used PLCs, the IND360 helps to boost productivity and increase operational uptime in a broad range of automation applications. Use the condition monitoring and Smart5™ alarming to ensure your system is performing as expected and to react quickly if issues arise. Read more

Form+ Recipe Management System

Form+ Recipe Management System

Form+ delivers complete recipe traceability, repeatable processing, and maximum productivity. Because the workflow is tailored to your specific process, your operators know exactly what to expect from the system. The result is short operator training times and systematically consistent and repeatable product quality in every batch. Read more

Industry 4.0 and IIoT Connectivity

The ACI400 IIoT Edge Device is a gateway for the Industrial Internet of Things. It provides an OPC UA server and several MQTT clients for seamless exchange of non-time-critical data with well-established Cloud and ERP/MES systems, such as Azure, AWS (Amazon Web Services), IBM and SAP. Take your production to the next level. Read more

InVision™ Smart Scale

InVision™ Smart Scale

Achieve easy handling and error-free operation in picking and packing applications with the smart algorithms of InVision™, which combines weighing with visual recognition and picture capture. The smart scale directly connects to production and ERP systems for full data visibility and visual proof of successful order fulfillment. Read more

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FAQs - Indicators

What is a scale indicator?

A scale indicator, also known as a weight indicator or a digital weight indicator, provides the weight data from a scale to the operator. Many indicators also serve as scale controllers, which tell a machine when and how to execute certain processes, such as dosing or filling, based on the reading from the scale.

Basic weight indicators will simply provide the weight value, while other weight indicators and controllers can be programmed to manage entire automation processes. The scope of the scale indicator definition or scale indicator meaning is entirely dependent on the requirements of a specific process or application. METTLER TOLEDO has many scale indicators for sale for a variety of applications.

What are scale indicators used for?

Scale indicators or scale controllers are used for a variety of things, depending on the application. Some are basic weight indicators which just provide the weight values to the operator in simple weighing applications. However, there are digital weight indicators or digital scale indicators, which are fully integrated into processes to automate production. The scale indicator manual for your specific equipment will help further define its applications and uses.

METTLER TOLEDO has scale indicators for sale which cover a variety of applications. Our digital scale indicator line includes indicators for tank, silo, hopper and bin scales; vehicle scales; bench scale, portable and floor scales; hazardous-area scalescustom programmable scales; and for OEMs and system integrators.

What should I look for in a weight indicator?

In rugged industrial environments, only the most durable, well-designed reliable weight scale and weight indicator can withstand tough conditions while remaining highly accurate and reliable. Flexibility also is important so that it meets your specific process requirements and provides the accurate information you need. Weight indicators should provide accurate, reliable and flexible integration into a manufacturing process. Weight indicator load cell combinations can be customized to meet your unique process needs. We also offer analog weighing scale products and weighing indicators. If you know your application will require scale indicator washdown, be sure to select a scale indicator designed for wet environments.

How does a weight indicator work?

Weight indicators and controllers take the electrical reading from a scale and convert them to values that are communicated visually to the operator or digitally to the system. If the weight indicator is integrated into a larger system, the weight readings will help control the processes and act as scale controllers depending on the programming in place.

How do scale indicators and controllers integrate into my process?

Automated applications often require a weight indicator that is capable of integration via fieldbus networks, industrial Ethernet and to control devices. We have you covered.  Our scale indicators are connected, accurate and work will software for filling, batching and formulation. The bench, portable and floor scale indicators are operator-friendly, reliable and offer flexible adaptation into a production environment. They come with an advance human-machine interface and have multi-lingual settings to for maximum operator understanding. Peripherals and MES/MRP are easy to integrate. We even offer reliable weighing scale indicator solutions for advanced bench and floor applications, which require a large graphical human-machine interface, advanced data management and powerful software.

Are there weight indicators available for hazardous areas?

METTLER TOLEDO offers a comprehensive range of hazardous-area approved terminals the ensure safety, accuracy and connectivity for a variety of weighing applications in hazardous areas.

I want a digital signal / meter for load cells. What can you offer?

METTLER TOLEDO provides a large range of weight indicators and transmitters that convert digital load cell signals into a human readable format. They also provide the interface to control units such as PLC, DCS, etc. Please contact us for more details.

Do you offer Ethernet connectivity?

Many of our weighing terminals and transmitters offer Industrial Ethernet connectivity. Please contact our weighing experts for details.

How can I integrate weighing into our PLC/DCs system?

METTLER TOLEDO provides a large range of weight indicators and transmitters that offer PLC, DCS interfaces. Please contact us for more details.