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How New Metal Detector Enhancements Can Reduce Testing by up to 83%

Latest metal detectors unlock productivity potential and reduce performance testing by up to 83%

The requirement to carry out periodic testing of metal detectors to ensure performance is maintained is well-known to those involved in food manufacturing.  For producers with high volume, dry snack food, bakery & confectionary, or powdered product applications who are looking to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), new technology developed for the range of METTLER TOLEDO Safeline Profile Throat and Gravity Fall metal detectors eliminates up to 83%* of performance monitoring requirements.

This article highlights how the latest innovations improve your business productivity and reduce operational costs, protect your brand reputation and enhance the overall quality of the products you make. It also explains how using the latest METTLER TOLEDO Safeline throat metal detectors and gravity fall metal detection systems delivers an additional benefit of enhancing worker safety.

How Can Metal Detectors Boost Productivity and Reduce Costs of Compliance?

The period of time between metal detector tests can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and is dependent on the application, processes employed and time between manufacture and distribution. METTLER TOLEDO Safeline's new Reduced Test (RT)  feature enables less frequent routine performance monitoring tests, reduces product waste and improves operator efficiency to increase manufacturing uptime.

RT is an analytical monitoring tool that has been developed within a Predictive Analytics framework.

  • RT has the ability to monitor the metal detector's performance on the production line to a level of certainty that the frequency of routine performance monitoring can be significantly reduced, subject to quarantine periods.
  • ATS – Auto Test System decreases time taken to conduct performance monitoring tests by >80% (from 3-5 minutes per line, to under 30 seconds per line).

In some cases, depending on the testing protocol undertaken by your business, this can lead to significant uptime advantages, improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and therefore cost savings – all highly desirable attributes in today’s demanding production environments.


How Can Employee Productivity Also be Enhanced via New Emulation Technology?

  • Using VNC software, Emulation enables line operators and quality personnel to extend and remotely control the latest Profile metal detectors from networked devices.
  • It also enables integration and control of the metal detector via OEM's machines upstream or downstream of the metal detector itself.
  • Emulation technology provides easier access to metal detector data records - improving the efficiency of quality management personnel and helping meet compliance requirements.

To facilitate additional productivity gains, make it easier to meet compliance requirements and improve data management capabilities, Safeline Profile Throat metal detectors and Gravity Fall metal detection systems are compatible with ProdX Inspection software.

  •  ProdX delivers monitoring and data management capabilities, making processes more streamlined, more accessible and more efficient, whether you need to monitor a single packaging line or monitoring numerous lines from multiple production sites.
  • Also included is the ability to track incidents (rejects, alarms and warnings), along with a reason and corrective action, steamlining quality processes and ensuring consistency.

How Can Brand Protection be Enhanced?

Reducing the risk of product recalls is essential for all food manufacturers in order to minimise the costs associated with such an event, but also to protect hard won brand reputation. The latest latest Profile Throat metal detectors and Gravity fall metal detection systems for dry product applications now feature eDrive technology as standard to support this aim.

  • eDrive™ boosts metal detector performance to deliver up to 20% improved spherical sensitivity (or up to 50% improved wire detection capability) to detect and reject smaller metal contaminants in high volume, dry product applications.
  • eDrive is not available on all Profile detectors/systems.

With greater confidence that GFSI and retailer codes of practice can be easily met or surpassed, the risk to your business and its brand of contaminated product reaching the consumer is mitigated still further. In addition your new Profile metal detector will be future proofed for longer, making your return on investment calculations more attractive.

How Can These Enhancements Improve Quality?

The latest Profile Throat metal detectors and Gravity Fall metal detection systems can improve both product and process quality.     

  •  eDrive improves spherical sensitivity by up to 20% to detect significantly smaller irregular shaped metal contaminants to improve product quality.
  • The new ATS improves repeatability of metal detector testing processes for all available metal types - Fe, Non-Fe, SS as standard; Aluminium option also available.
  • ATS also prevents operator shortcuts, by preventing operators from only testing for a single metal type to save time.

How Can These Enhancements Improve Worker Safety

Manufacturers are under increasing pressure to provide ever safer working environments for their employees. The latest Profile metal detectors for vertical packing applications from METTLER TOLEDO Safeline can contribute to safer working practices in food manufacturing environments.

  • By reducing the frequency of metal detector testing using new RT technology, there is a corresponding reduction in the number of ladder climbs required by an operator to conduct the test, either to drop the sample through the aperture, or to access the HMI to run the test routines.
  • Emulation allows the metal detector HMI to be controlled from a variety of networked devices such as a tablet or mobile phone, again reducing the need to work at height if the HMI is installed in an awkward location as is the case in many dry product inspection applications.
  • When ATS is used, it virtually eliminates the need to work at height to conduct most routine performance monitoring tests, and removes the requirement for line operators to have to reach across installed equipment to drop the test samples through the aperture of the metal detector.

View of our range of Profile Throat and Gravity Fall metal detection solutions

*Subject to quarantine periods

METTLER TOLEDO will be showcasing the latest metal detectors for high volume, dry product applications at a number of events in 2017, including Interpack in Dusseldorf from 4-10 May and Snackex in Vienna from 21-22 June.

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