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Pipette Asset Management Software

Pipette Asset Management Software

PipetteX™ Manages an Unlimited Number of Pipettes

pipette asset management software

pipette asset management
pipette asset management


First-Time and Renewal Keys for PipetteX Pipette Asset Management

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Operating Instructions

PipetteX Reference Manual
Along with the SmartStand, PipetteX is meant to simplify the management of all your pipettes. The software is designed to work with both METTLER TOLED...
PipetteX Installation Instructions
This document is intended for users who are responsible for running system administration operations. We recommend that only persons with the necessar...
Pipette Method Card - Operating Instructions
Use the Pipette Method Card to develop your skills and get step by step instructions.
EDPAM Support Site
You will find relevant topics to setting up the software, knowledge papers on improving your lab setup, video manuals, and much more. Click on any of...
SmartStand User Manual
Use the SmartStand User Manual to develop your skills and get step by step instructions.


PipetteX Product Brochure
Download the PipetteX pipette asset management product brochure. With Rainin PipetteX, SmartStand, and SmartCheck, you have a powerful pipette tracki...
SmartStand Brochures
Use the SmartStand Brochures to develop your skills and get step by step instructions.
PipetteX Data Sheet
Spend a lot less time tracking and managing pipette calibration, and have more complete and accurate records than you ever imagined possible. With so...

White Paper

Optimal Quality Management
This white paper is an introduction and practical guide to the proper use and regular maintenance of pipettes are key to achieving accurate and reliab...


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從良好移液技術、預防性維護、校正到設備維修,METTLER TOLEDO在移液器的整個生命週期內都會提供支援與服務。



How does good pipette management contribute to reproducible data?

Reproducible data is the standard by which scientific results are measured. Outcomes must be repeatable to provide a foundation for future research.

Well-maintained and calibrated instruments are critical to achieving reproducible results. With PipetteX Pipette Asset Management, METTLER TOLEDO offers a solution to manage your pipettes in a simple, efficient and visual way.

Try PipetteX Pipette Asset Management Software now!


What is pipette asset management?

Pipette asset management applies the practices involved with managing valuable assets to pipettes. A pipette asset management system simplifies and largely automates the task of managing service, calibration and recordkeeping.

Pipette asset management includes:

  • Pipette identification (user(s), lab(s), serial number, manufacturer)
  • Usage monitoring (daily use, age, etc.)
  • Location monitoring
  • Service scheduling, including alerts to both managers and end users
  • Service history and data
  • Routine pipette-check reminders, with saved, customizable methods to guide end users
  • Storage and retrieval of calibration certificates

A comprehensive pipette asset management system suppports pipette performance and provides proof of regulatory complianceanytime.



Can PipetteX help manage my pipette calibration certificates?

When Rainin pipette service is provided by METTLER TOLEDO, CalibrateOnSite or CalibrateLab, electronic certificates can be transmitted and stored automatically in PipetteX. Full service history is also provided, including any spare parts replaced or repairs made.




Can I import my current pipette data into PipetteX if I use Excel or a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)?

Yes. PipetteX features an import and export functionality allowing you to seamlessly transfer data in .xls, .xlsx and .csv format.


Do I need Rainin pipettes to use PipetteX?

PipetteX is a great way to manage pipettes of any brand, or even a mixed inventory of brands.

When serviced by Rainin, METTLER TOLEDO or Calibrate, the service data for any brand of pipette is automatically updated in PipetteX, and electronic certificates are available to print or review.

Managing pipettes with PipetteX is even easier with Rainin XLS pipettes because pipette data (e.g., age, serial number) are stored on each pipette's RFID chip. PipetteX automatically updates a pipette's usage, location and service data when it is placed on a Rainin SmartStand. SmartStand displays service and compliance status right at the bench, so users always know a pipette's calibration status.


How do I search for a pipette?

Type a search term, such as user, asset ID, channels, volume, manufacturer, serial number, etc., into the top cell of any PipetteX column, As you type, results in that column will filter to the best-matching result.

When you see information matching the pipette you're looking for, scroll horizontally to the "Last Seen" column to identify the SmartStand that this pipette was most recently on.


What is lifecycle status?

Type a search term, such as user, asset ID, channels, volume, manufacturer, serial number, etc., into the top cell of any PipetteX column, As you type, results in that column will filter to the best-matching result.

The lifecycle status chart shows you the age of your pipettes. Along with usage, lifecycle status is an important signal in assessing when a pipette should be replaced.


Can PipetteX be used to manage pipettes across multiple labs, potentially at different sites?

Yes. PipetteX works with multiple SmartStands in diverse locations to deliver a single point of control.


Can I sort pipettes by lab?

Yes. PipetteX offers many ways to "slice and dice" your pipette inventory and data.


How can I quickly see if my pipette inventory is in good shape?

If almost everything on your PipetteX home screen is green, it means pipettes are in service and their calibration is up to date: All good. Yellow indicates that service dates are approaching or that a pipette has not been on a SmartStand for an extended period. Red indicates pipettes that are past due for service and/or calibration.


What is the quickest way to sort my inventory for past-due pipettes?

In the lower left of the PipetteX home screen, click the red portion of the Calibration service status chart. If nothing is red, you don't have any past-due pipettes.


Can I batch edit pipette data?

Yes. In PipetteX, it's easy to select multiple pipettes based on shared criteria and make batch changes as needed.


Can PipetteX alert users when a pipette is due for service?

Yes. You can set up automated email reminders to both managers and end users in advance of pipette service due dates.


Does PipetteX create pick lists?

Yes. It's easy to filter for pipettes that need service during the same period and generate a list.


Does PipetteX have an audit trail functionality?

Yes, you can activate an audit trail if required. The audit trail can be reviewed and signed-off on electronically.


Can I capture results from my SmartCheck?

Yes, PipetteX can capture all measurement results from a SmartCheck as well as set individual tolerances per pipettes (rather than the 5% default). Please read the manual to see what the test reports look like.


Can I export all the data from PipetteX?

Yes, you can export all data from PipetteX in csv, xml or xls format. All calibration certificates and routine test reports can be downloaded automatically with structured file names for easy exporting to other applications.


Can I integrate PipetteX in my ERP or LIMS?

Yes, PipetteX can integrate through a file exchange. All files are structured files that can be crawled easily.


Can I don't have a PC in all my labs. Can SmartCheck be operated without it?

Yes, SmartCheck can be connected through a gateway with the PipetteX server. This allows for a PC-free lab to still use the SmartCheck and capture measurement data automatically. 


Is PipetteX 21 CFR Part 11 compliant?

Yes, PipetteX can be made 21 CFR Part 11 compliant. Validation handbooks are offered and check with your local country organization whether validation services are offered too.

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