Comparative Carbon Footprints - 梅特勒托利多

Comparative Carbon Footprints


TerraRack vs. Injection-molded Tip Racks

The designs of most pipette tip racks have not changed for many years, and come from an era when autoclaving was necessary to eliminate any nucleases or microorganisms which may have been present on the tips.

METTLER TOLEDO Rainin is the pioneer of high purity ‘BioClean’ tips, creating a range of super-clean tips which are certified to be free of biological contaminants. Gamma or electron (e-beam) irradiation can be used to sterilize the tips, eliminating the need of autoclaving. Given the reduced need to autoclave and an increased concern about the lasting environmental impact of plastic, the time to develop greener tip rack packaging solutions is now. This white paper compares different rack options available with regard to rack weight, type of plastic and resulting carbon footprint. It shows that Rainin TerraRack is an easy recyclable and low environmental impact tip packaging.